Tuesday, 20 July 2010

school's out for summer!

"proud artist"

I can't believe my little boy has finished
his first school year already!

"teacher gift"

thanks to his lovely teacher
he has really enjoyed school, he got a great school report, a scrapbook full of lovely and interesting observations and his speech has come on briliantly infact i'd go so far as to say it was as good as the rest of his classmates

"cute writing"

Don't you just love the way they get their letters
flipped round when they're learning?
At the beach the other day he wrote his name in the sand upside down and mirrored at the same time, i doubt he could've if he'd been trying too!

The canvas painting of his teacher was my sons own idea, he had decorated her a tote bag for christmas and he was very proud when she told him how much she liked it and used it for her "show and tell" :o)

i managed to summon up a little bit of crafty-ness and made her a mother-of-pearl button bracelet, which she was wearing and thanked me for when i collected him :o)

doesn't time just fly by?
oh yeah

i was forty nearly two weeks ago



Monday, 5 July 2010

thrifty kitschy owls!

i found these owls this weekend

now some people think they're cute

and some people think they're creepy

i myself think they sooo cute they're almost creepy!

and look they're not just decorative but funtional too!

oh and they are unused and come in their original
but rather tatty packaging
which i thought was rather nice too

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Meridian Ariel's primitive dolls


my friend MeridianAriel has recently started making these primitive style monster dolls
i think they are great
i love the "grungified" treatment she gives them
and if you head over to her blog you can read their stories too

"Claudette and Lisette"


i think they are getting better with each monster doll she makes
i love Oona and her pretty doily dress
here's a bit of her story
"Oona likes spinning tales and lies spill from her mouth like wildflower honey . . . . ."

go to Meri's blog to read more