Wednesday, 30 September 2009

custom order flowers

i made these for an online friend for her little girl
who is taking part in a dance competition.
They had to be pure white but not too bridal looking.

I would've liked to have used sew on crystals
but there were none to be found in my tiny town
and they were a last minute rush job
so the diamontes were recycled from some clothing and glued on!

Monday, 28 September 2009

Lilley's Buttons

i'm in love with these polymer clay sweetie buttons!

i'd been lusting after them for a little while
when i was alerted via twitter

one saturday night that they were on special offer
buy one get one free!

well how could i resist?!
you get to choose the colour and the message of each button
or leave it up to Vicki to pick out a selection.

so i really really want some of these Jelly Babies now!
how cute?

they look just like the real thing!

Vicki doesn't just make sweetie buttons
she makes loads of other polymer clay buttons, beads and ninjas!

you can find Vicki's blog, shop and flickr stream via the links below
i'd highly recommend a look
as her button's are just as lovely in the flesh

and the customer service was perfect.

Saturday, 26 September 2009

a day in my life . . . .

my day in photo's {backwards!}
you can see the photo set here with descriptions if you like!

Sunday, 20 September 2009

better than diamonds

sometimes the best things in life are free.

Monday, 14 September 2009

toadstool terrarium

so i made these toadstools months and months ago
and they sat on the mantle gathering dust

then i found this great jar in the charity shop

i'd wanted to try needlefelting for awhile
so i popped to the craft shop & bought two colours
of wooly stuff and a basic needle and had a go!

i did manage to wound myself a couple of times
but i think for a first attempt i made good moss!
i broke the needle right at the end so i need a new one
because i think i may have found my new thing!

the end!

Friday, 11 September 2009

a DECADE of lurve

Me and my partner/boyfriend /live-in-lover
call him what you will have been together now
for a whole DECADE
"wow" i thought "i should get him a really good present"
well i couldn't think of anything he'd want or need
to be honest it's hard enough to think of something to buy him
for birthdays and christmas

so i decided to make him a decorated jar
containing little treasures from our holidays
over the last ten years

i just can't help myself when walking along a beach
but to look at the pebbles and shells and sea glass
i've always got little treasures in my pockets!

i have been taking little envelopes to put my treasures in
when we go away so that i know exactly where they came from
so i decided to label all the little pebbles
so although Kos was not my favourite holiday
it does have my favourite label!

i also decorated this tiny glass bauble
to dangle from the cork lid
at the moment the glue is still wet {it is on the inside}
so you can't really see this at it's best!
i glued tiny snippets from vintage dictionaries
with decade and love explained to the inside
swirled a bit of glue around and added
some sand from Kos and then some red glitter.

i cut a disc of thick red felt for the bottom of the jar
and then piled up the little rocks
i finished the jar off with a vintage cloth tape-measure bow &
a heart button
I decorated the lid with a heart torn from another vintage dicionary page, the two parts of a broken button screwed into the cork
and our initials
there are more photo's on my flickr feed
with little snippets of story for each pebble!

then i worried about whether he would like it or not
which is always the way when i make presents

he said it was sweet.

{he accidently bought me a GIANT bag}

Sunday, 6 September 2009

feeling inspired

so because of this very excited young man
who just started school and is apparently
now already cleverer than his sister

same mess different location!
my work desk is in it's new location and
probably because {believe it or not} my desk was tidy
i've been feeling inspired to create "stuff"
during my massive tidying and sort
ing session
i unearthed a batch of gla
ss bottles
which i've been saving for years
just waiting for inspiration!

here's what i came up with
they aren't finished and i think they are one of those projects
that don't have an easy finishing point

i'm going to hang some little charms around the necks of these

and this one will be sporting a pair of wings

i couldn't resist adding a doily to this one!

i'm just looking for the perfect "something" to fill this gap

i've really enjoyed making these and i think i'll be making some with a slightly more steam punky feel to them,
'cause i also unearthed a jar labelled "rusty old stuff"
see i was right everything has a use!


more of my workspace

somewhere along the line i seem to have become a doll collector
i don't know quite how this has happened to me
i have always gently mocked my Mum
for her own collection of dolls
and somehow this has happened!
Well they do say we turn into our mothers!