Sunday, 28 September 2008

i just opened an ETSY store!

i've only put a few items on to start with and am not sure if the P&P is realistic for overseas but hey i'll soon learn!
i need to sit down and card up a new batch of buttons and then decide which site to sell them from - i now have choices!

"patriotic buttons"

these are really gorgeous and i have already sold some of these privately.

"oil on water"

there's a link to the shop on the sidebar :0)

Friday, 26 September 2008

giveaway @ buttonfloozies

hi - there is a cool giveaway @ button floozies here - i contribute to this blog and if you like buttons there are some great things for you to look at over there!
Maybe you are a buttonfloozie at heart? You can join up to!
i wanted to add the link button but i can't work out how :0( maybe i'll work it out later!

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

i bought a new toy!!!

So last tuesday i bought myself a sizzix big shot machine - i have been trying to decide which die-cutting machine to buy for ages and finally decided on this one from here {who turned me down as part of their design team, sob} - i LOVE it!!!

i had already bought loads of dies from fellow internet crafters and eBay so i just bought the machine , hmmmm. . . . the plan being i wouldn't need anymore dies - yeah right!

so on monday off i went to the shop and bought some halloween themed dies and texture plates and best of all a gorgeous birdy one - i made a rubber stamp from it and made this note card with it today.
{click on the photo for close up}
we also went to the beach because as i knew would happen - the kids went back to school and the weather improved!!!
It was such a gorgeous weekend i was even wearing shorts and flip-flops! Lucky for you i take all the photo's so there are never any of me - i must be the most un-photogenic person ever!!!
"hot dog"
as you can see he had a miserable time!!!
for some bizarre reason blogger is refusing to work properly so please excuse the messy look of this post - i'll try and sort it tomorrow.

Sunday, 21 September 2008

incywincystitches shop

i am now selling a selection of my vintage carded buttons at

green glass floral hearts

pink & white glass cute buttons

knotted glass button mushrooms!

please click on my photos for more detail

i have had no luck selling on folksy yet but hopefully once more people hear about it sales should improve {fingers crossed}

Thursday, 11 September 2008


We have been together for NINE YEARS today - wow, that went really fast but they do say time flies when you're having fun!
He always remembers our anniversary , i usually forget and really it's not an easy date to forget.

i made the card this morning {yep i forgot, not the anniversary but the card making - oops} while my son was at pre-school and DP was helping his Dad clear out his attic* and i ran out of time really. It looks slightly wrong to me, it's the space either side the numeral if it had been two figures it would've been well balanced - nevermind!

here's the "7th" anni card

*while clearing out the attic they threw a load of vintage board games in the skip - "aaarrgghh" i said "i could've used them" oh and they also tossed out an old printing set of the very set i've been lusting after on eBay - blardy good job it was a "special day" i would've been cross else as it is i just feel sad!!
Actually it's a good job i didn't go i can barely move in my spare room as it is.

Sunday, 7 September 2008

more button porn

so are you ready for more gratuitous button titillation?

ooohhh hello , so sweet and innocent. . . .


peeling away the layers

oh my . . . .

all that glitters . . . . . . .


full frontal

what a HUGE pair

whoah there Nelly

show us your vest buttons - missus

more big beautiful girls

huge centre

coming to a close now

end shot . . . .

well i hope you liked it - i think i might make button porn a regular feature!

Saturday, 6 September 2008

i found another reverse carved lucite button

oh my GOD - look at this beauty!!!!

i couldn't believe my luck when i stumbled across this gorgeous button - but it just got better, i went too far bidding for this one, it is my most expensive yet, but after winning the auction by the skin of my teeth , the seller contacted me to see if i'd be interested in buying . . . . .

the rest of the set !!!!!!

a whole nest of birdie buttons

well it would be rude not to . . . . . . . . . . oh dear i must put myself back on the button diet . . . . :0(

i think i will be selling some of these - i need to recoup some funds!!!

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

******** fAiRyTaLe sWaP ********

mail envelope

inner packaging - you may of noticed i've become a little obsessed with my envelopes and packaging!!!

the whole package.

so i finally finished my fairytale swap present - i'm so pleased with how they turned out - i made a set of notecards with inserts and matching envelopes.

matching envelopes

My swappee's favourite fairytale is beauty and the beast , and she told me "I'm more the light and fluffy type, I really like any fairy tales with heros, heroines and true love and a bit of adventure thrown in."

"little red"

"beauty and the beast"


******** "the beast is transformed" ********

check out my swappee JO's website - - it is full of craft tutorials - i particularly like the new "pyramid boxes".

my friend Dingle is having a blog candy giveaway here i hope this link works - i just can't seem to get the hang of links on blogger, anyway her blog is definatly worth a look - 15000 hits so far ! wow !