Thursday, 30 December 2010

i won a quilt!

i got the most amazing parcel in the post today
awhile ago Katy from imagingermonkey
posted about a charity quilt raffle

it was $10 a go and i had a little in my paypal account
so i bought a chance to win a quilt
then i forgot about it
and one morning i woke up to a lovely email from Ashley
to say i'd won her quilt

how gorgeous is this eh?

i feel very very lucky
to own this quilt

the back's pretty damn good too!

and it looks great on my sofa
i'm looking forward to snuggling up under it to watch
sunday movies with my boy

thanks so much Ashley

check out Ashley's lovely blog here

Sunday, 19 December 2010

mAd HaTteRs TeA ParTy

My son desperately wanted a party at home this year,
i did try to put him off as i don't relish the prospect of a house full of hyper sugar fuelled
five and six year olds running riot but then we watched Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland together and i thought what a great theme for a kids party,
the boy was not so ke
en saying it was a girls theme until i pointed out that most of the characters were boys and that it could be a mad hatters tea party rather than Alice in Wonderland - this did the trick!

"let the mad party begin"

i know i'm totally biased
but sometimes i look at my son
and just can't believe how handsome he is
even painted up as the wh
ite rabbit
he looks gorgeous!

the mad hatters tea spread

rainbow jelly wine glasses these tasted just like those fruit pastille ice lollys and were the idea of the Mad Hatter himself

the Mad Hatter!

my son made all the "eat me" signs

let the feast commence!!!

Donny Darko!!!

glow stick blue light disco fun!

i had so many ideas for this party
that in the end most of them didn't get done!
i'm like that at the moment
i'm spending too much time thinking and putting off
and nowhere near enough time
actually doing stuff
the kids all had a fun time
my son didn't have the normal birthday child meltdown which was a relief
and the grown-ups got through it without having a nervous breakdown!

"the end"

Friday, 17 December 2010

Crafter...oo Christmas ornament swap

This is what i made and sent to my partner Kats
in the christmas ornament swap @ crafter...oo
organized by kitty ballistic

i wasn't sure what to make and had
that terrible lost mojo feeling

i ran wildly over my deadline and was
worried the snow would not let it get

to it's recipient in time for christmas
but it did get t
and Kats liked it *phew*

it's not my normal style but i do really like it
especially the very un-christmassy colour scheme!

yo-yo & loom flower yarn nest

i'm finding it really hard to take photo's atm
as it's either dark and gloomy or bright bright sunshine!

Thursday, 2 December 2010


i'm sorry i've been totally neglecting my blog
my excuse is this site

i am totally and completely ADDICTED.
i found it by following a link i found on my sitemeter. . . .
here is my page

it takes a little while to start as you have to join a waiting list
but i swear it's worth the wait!

basically it's like your own virtual pinboard/mood board/inspiration board
you can make lots of different boards and pin images you find on the net to them
or you can look through other peoples pins and re-pin them to your own boards

i think it's a great idea as i often see things i love ,want or that inspire me
on my online travels
now i can just add them to a board
and can go back and find them later

hope to see you all there soon xxx