Thursday, 26 January 2012

lot's of matryoshka pincushions

i think these are going to be my big seller in
this was the first pincushion i made this year
because i have shops on Etsy and on Folksy
i often list the same item in both shops
this time it backfired and i sold the item twice!
So i had to make this one to order
and fast as it was to be a birthday gift :)
whilst i had all the gear out i decided
to make a few new dolly pincushions
i have such a collection of russian dolls
that it's hard to choose who gets an upgrade!
i tried out some different doll styles this time
i love this happy polka dot lady :)
and here's a little one
great for sewing on the go
i have one like this but even smaller
great for a holiday project

available in my Etsy shop
this is my favourite of the new dollies
very vibrant colours - i'm guessing she is from the 60's or 70's
loving the orange!
i made her pincushion with a vintage orange floral pillowcase fabric
very funky!
"we all carry scars from our pasts"
i love the little scars the vintage dolls have
i think it adds to their charm
I was lucky enough to get the last photo featured
in the Craftzine blog
and she sold already
and is on her way to her new home
in europe :)

Monday, 9 January 2012

Crafting in 2011

*crafting in 2011*
it was a funny old year for me craftwise
i just really lost my way
and had little enthusiasm for making things
i really loved this bag i made as part of the Tim Burton swap
i really struggled to get going on this swap
but in the end i loved what i made
i still have no idea if the recipient liked what i sent
at last contact, before the american summer break
the parcel had arrived but had not been opened
i am still yet to receive my swap parcel . . . . .
i made these for the Crafter...oo button swap
i must make some more . . . .
nom nom nom :)
i had a spark of inspiration in September
when i made a handful of these pendants
and finally in November my crafty sparkle came back
just in time for the festive season!
which led to me making kitschy wreathes and baubles covered in glitter!
in 2012 i'm hoping to carry on with the dolly dress making
that i started in 2011
i find the handstitching very relaxing and something i can pick up
whilst the kids are happy playing and put down quickly when all hell breaks loose!!!
hope all my readers have a very happy and crafty 2012
x x xxx x x

Friday, 6 January 2012

vintage map pendant tutorial.

: vintage map pendant tutorial :


one memory frame

vintage lace - if using modern lace you could age it by tea dying it.

needle and thread


step one: using one of the glass slides as a guide choose
an interesting section of map
and cut out using a sharp knife.

step two: choose some lace and sew to map section - i used a ruby red cotton
and added cross-stitches to the inside edge.

step three: using dry transfer lettering add a message

{excuse the rubbish photo - it was night time!}

step four: i then added a stitched heart

step five: sandwich collage between glass slides and insert into frame

step six: choose lace,ribbon,cord or chain for your pendant
or alternatively attach a ribbon and pin to wear it like a medal.

optional step:
i really liked seeing the back of the stitching so i didn't hide this part but you could cover the back of your work or add an extra message.

notes: make sure your collage is not getting too thick - it needs to fit between the glass sides and into the memory frame!


This tutorial was previously published in

Issue One of the Crafter...oo Magazine

it is still available to buy here

as is the new and exciting Issue Two for just £1.50

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

the start of something . . . .

My Mum gave me this antique lace a few weeks ago as she has had it for years

and never used it - it's so pretty and as it isn't from my personal lace stash

i'm going to use it before i get attached to it!

this year i'm going to try and reduce my massive stash of buttons/lace and vintage fabrics.

i decided that i'd use the lace to make a victorian style dress for my Blythe doll Idris

and as my sewing machine is out of action i'm going to be doing this totally by hand

the base fabric is an old pillowcase that belonged to my Aunty Thelma,

she was a terrible hoarder - not that i'm in any position to pass comment!

vintage ingredients:
i cannot seem to use vintage lace without a splash of red sylko thread!
i think this will get used on the wheel design on the lace.

trying it on for size

not sure how long i'll make the skirt

or even how i'll make the waistband yet

trial and error this time and hopefully i'll learn as i go!

Idris is hoping there will be a top to this dress

it's a bit cold to go topless!

just found this photo booth treatment on big huge labs

cool eh?

think i'll be using it a lot!!

HaPpY NeW yEaR


i'm hoping for a creative


hope you all have one too x