Tuesday, 30 June 2009


click on the photo to see larger image

i don't know why but i've been looking at this style of doll on ebay for sometime now,
i never much liked them before but because they come up in my searches fairly frequently
i've been seduced by their charms!
i came across these by accident whilst checking out a sellers other items
i was surprised how small they were and by how much i liked them!
Something else to collect perhaps?
my ebay watched items list gets longer and longer!

i do think she's pretty and kinda flirty!

Thursday, 25 June 2009

i'm having a ***SALE*** in my folksy shop

was £7.50 now £5.00

was £7.50 now £5.00

*** NOW SOLD ***

was £10.00 now £7.50

I've had a slow couple of months in my shops
so i thought i'd have a

i've reduced all my brooches in my Folksy shop
there are seven different designs to choose from
please take a look!

i've also added some lovely vintage ric-rac braid
and new mother-of-pearl buttons
and i will be continuing to add new items
over the next few days.

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Happy Father's Day

so here is the father

father and son

and here are his cakes


and here is his present

and here is his son
holding the finished masterpiece

"happy father's day"

Monday, 15 June 2009

Juanita Tortilla tagged me!

i got tagged by juanita

"current obession"

What is your current obsession?
making bangles from vintage knitting needles and hunting down sa
id needles!

What is your horoscope & do you relate to it?
i am cancer and i think i do relate to it really - i am a hermit crab - i am extemely crabby and i'm a hermit - LOL !

What are you wearing today?
knee length cut off denim shorts, a pink and purple cherry print t-shirt and purple crocs - i love crocs! there i said it now you all know!

What's for dinner?
faggots in gravy,new potatoes and peas - yummy!

What's the last thing you bought?
erm. . .two odd knitting needles and a stitch counter in a real shop and some buckles on ebay!

What do you think about the person who tagged you?

i met Juanita {virtually}properly when we were paired in Jessica's color swap but i'd read her blog before - i think she is lovely and has a great sense of humour!

That question about a fully furnished, paid-for house that everyone answers with 'Paris' or 'New York'.
i love my house and it's location so i'd just want to buy the one next door and knock through - then the boys could have a games room , i could have a proper studio and we could have a guest suite and a veg/fruit plot and a trampoline!

What is your must-have item for summer?
liposuction! Okay not really but i have a terrible spare tyre so i need cool tummy skimming tops luckily my arms and legs are pretty good!

If you could go anywhere in the world for the next hour, where would it be?
i would go to Meridian Ariel's house, raid her baked goods
and force her to brew tea instead of coffee, ha ha ha.

Who do you want to meet right now?
Johnny Depp - but he'd better make it quick as people will soon be home from work and school.

What is your favourite piece of clothing from your own closet?
my super sexy summer dress - it does a great job at disguising my flabby bits but showing off my good bits!

What is your dream job?
i'd love to do my crafts full time and make money from it.

What's your favourite magazine?
cloth paper scissors - I LOVE IT!

Where is your dream holiday destination?
i would really love to go to Japan.

What is your most treasured possession?
it is hard too choose but i think it has to be my collection of vintage russian dolls.

Describe your personal style.
hmmmm. . . . "different", people often say that about my clothes/jewellery "oh that's DIFFERENT" obviously what they mean is "weird" or worse!

"different - lol "

What are you going to do after this?
i will be walking my gorgeous dog Tess and my handsome boy in the devon sunshine!

Three styling tips that work for you:
1. have hair you can tie back and needs zero styling!
2. be comfortable in what you're wearing.
3. never buy something that doesn't fit! i have soooo many pairs of jeans that don't fit "oh i'll just lose a few pounds - they'll be fine" no they won't!

What are you proud of?
i'm proud of my fantastic gorgeous kids and my policeman partner - because there is no way i'd do his job!

What do you want to learn this year?

There are rules to this tagging shenanigan... Respond and rework – answer the questions on your own blog, replace one question that you dislike with a question of your own invention, and add one more question of your own. Tag eight others.

I'd like to tag these blogs:

meridian ariel
i'm a ginger monkey

thanks for the tag Juanita :0)

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

vintage embroidery transfer overload!

on my way home from dropping
my son off at pre-school

i had an overpowering desire
to check out the charity shops
. . .

ooohh - what do we have here then? my little heart skipped a beat when i saw what was peeking out at the edges . . .

an antique folder full of very very vintage embroidery transfer patterns

and vintage christmas cards

the more i flicked through the folder
the more i NEEDED it!

some are over a hundred years old!

it felt almost wrong to be looking through
someone elses treasures

every now and then i'd find a little newspaper clipping from the war on how to make and mend

i think this is my favourite pattern

love these snippets too

so much treasure - such an amazing find!

right at the back was this story
saved from the paper
dated new years eve 1940

skippity skip i went off to the counter
more than happy with my find

then i noticed these

vintage woman's magazines -
these are definately good for a giggle
oh i would've been so bad as a 50's wifey!

Wow it really was my lucky day . . .

and d'ya know what?
i also scored three pairs of vintage knitting needles
three of which are now ba

yep there are only two here
pesky teenage daughter strikes again!

Sunday, 7 June 2009

hand-made goodies in the post!

well i was the lucky winner of Murano Silver's
St.George's Day blog giveaway
i won a gorgeous customised ring
i choose to have my internetty name
stamped onto it

it is so lovely

i can't stop looking at it!

i'm thinking there is room for another ring on that finger
and my birthday is coming up so i'm on the look out for a
simple stone set ring to do with it - i'm thinking amethyst

if you fancy a ring like this take a look at Nicola's shop
Murano Silver
she has some beautiful pieces in her shop
and my daughter has already requested a ring for her birthday!

thanks again Nic x


who is this?

two happy little chaps

they are very cuddly!

and quite a handfull!

i was window shopping at FOLKSY
when i came across a Jelly-Bean baby amigurumi toy in
Rowena's Shop
it was in rainbow yarn but i asked if she could make me one in white
i think it is obvious why?
my kids are both HUGE Doctor Who fans and the Adipose episode was a real favourite!
if you remember i made my Mum an adipose brooch on christmas day!

My kids loved them but my son's will be heading
towards the washing machine very soon i think
Nate and white don't go together so well!

Friday, 5 June 2009

lovely crochet buttons.

Today i'd like to show you these amazing crochet buttons
they are made by a fellow Crafter...oo'er
Jane has been working very hard to finish up this order for a local shop

i'm so in awe of people who can crochet
especially this very fine work

wow - look at the detail !

buttoned buttons!

love these orange ones

these are my absolute favourite ones!

these ball ones are great - i think these proved the fiddliest!

Jane also makes crochet jewellery like this fantastic necklace
and lots of other crochet items
she has a website Hooked Yarn
and a folksy shop here
i don't think her buttons are in her shop yet
but i'm sure you could order some
once she has got over her last button making session!

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

PhatQuarter's Anatomy embroidery swap

So i joined in with the PhatQuarter's anatomy embroidered ATC swap -
i was a little nervous as my embroidery skills were rather rusty!
But i had tonnes of ideas of what i could make - some of them much too complicated and lot's involving the female re-productive system and the human heart.

all packed up and ready to post

the backing

"too late"

tick-tock tick-tock

Anyone who knows me well will know that i'd desperately love to have another baby - unfortunately my partner doesn't want to, his arguement being i have one of each and that is enough.
Anyway my biological clock is tick-tock-ticking away and time is running out for me - so i decided to use this very loud and irritating and fictional part of my anatomy as my embroidered idea for the swap.
After receiving my wonderful russian doll/skeleton embroidery from GiddyGirlie which was sooo personalised for me i'm worrying that the ATC that i made for my swap partner Alex was too personal and i should have made something more for her, oh well it is too late to worry i sent the parcel off to America a day before the deadline which was over two-weeks ago now and have been waiting waiting waiting with baited breath to see if she likes it.

my super charged and noisy biological clock.
{soon it will be silent}

My parcel still hasn't arrived - it was sent 19 days ago so i think it has got lost
but i couldn't wait any longer to blog about it ,
i don't think my partner looks at my blog but
Alex if you are looking - i hope you like it & sorry if this has spoilt it for you
i'm keeping my fingers crossed it will eventually arrive

it's so annoying as the last couple of american etsy orders arrived in one week.

Monday, 1 June 2009

amazing button mosiac!

look what i found on flickr this morning
an amazing button mosiac!
i LOVE it
and i can imagine how long i must've taken to glue down all those buttons!
see all the photo's here
and read all about it here buttoncandy and here Lucky Pony

{i can't get LuckyPony's link to work have tried and tried - grrr - but you can find her blog via buttoncandy's post}

i'd love to do a large mosiac like this with buttons
but seem to have a real problem actually using any of my collection!

but maybe i can win some buttons to use here? BUTTON GIVEAWAY
go leave a comment for you chance to win!