Sunday, 7 June 2009

hand-made goodies in the post!

well i was the lucky winner of Murano Silver's
St.George's Day blog giveaway
i won a gorgeous customised ring
i choose to have my internetty name
stamped onto it

it is so lovely

i can't stop looking at it!

i'm thinking there is room for another ring on that finger
and my birthday is coming up so i'm on the look out for a
simple stone set ring to do with it - i'm thinking amethyst

if you fancy a ring like this take a look at Nicola's shop
Murano Silver
she has some beautiful pieces in her shop
and my daughter has already requested a ring for her birthday!

thanks again Nic x


who is this?

two happy little chaps

they are very cuddly!

and quite a handfull!

i was window shopping at FOLKSY
when i came across a Jelly-Bean baby amigurumi toy in
Rowena's Shop
it was in rainbow yarn but i asked if she could make me one in white
i think it is obvious why?
my kids are both HUGE Doctor Who fans and the Adipose episode was a real favourite!
if you remember i made my Mum an adipose brooch on christmas day!

My kids loved them but my son's will be heading
towards the washing machine very soon i think
Nate and white don't go together so well!


Sam Gillespie said...

Wow, LOVE the ring! :D and the jelly baby adipose is very cool!!

Laurie said...

the ring is lovely - lucky you!!

April said...

those adipose are so cute!!!

April xx

koralee said...

you lucky girl...the ring is amazing!!! Your new adiposes are very sweet...even though i have no idea what they are...have a great great week!

Craft Matters said...

Great ring, and love that adipose-style ami!

Pips said...

Wow, that ring is just gorgeous - Nic's work is amazing, and she is lovely with it too!

As for the Jelly Baby - I want one too!!

bex said...

they are soo cute! and that ring is beautiful!!

Nicola said...

Awww so nice to see it on your finger and great photos too :)
If you want an Amethyst Cabouchon ring I could make you one to match
Nic xx

Nicola said...

P.S> Love the Adipose too!