Wednesday, 3 June 2009

PhatQuarter's Anatomy embroidery swap

So i joined in with the PhatQuarter's anatomy embroidered ATC swap -
i was a little nervous as my embroidery skills were rather rusty!
But i had tonnes of ideas of what i could make - some of them much too complicated and lot's involving the female re-productive system and the human heart.

all packed up and ready to post

the backing

"too late"

tick-tock tick-tock

Anyone who knows me well will know that i'd desperately love to have another baby - unfortunately my partner doesn't want to, his arguement being i have one of each and that is enough.
Anyway my biological clock is tick-tock-ticking away and time is running out for me - so i decided to use this very loud and irritating and fictional part of my anatomy as my embroidered idea for the swap.
After receiving my wonderful russian doll/skeleton embroidery from GiddyGirlie which was sooo personalised for me i'm worrying that the ATC that i made for my swap partner Alex was too personal and i should have made something more for her, oh well it is too late to worry i sent the parcel off to America a day before the deadline which was over two-weeks ago now and have been waiting waiting waiting with baited breath to see if she likes it.

my super charged and noisy biological clock.
{soon it will be silent}

My parcel still hasn't arrived - it was sent 19 days ago so i think it has got lost
but i couldn't wait any longer to blog about it ,
i don't think my partner looks at my blog but
Alex if you are looking - i hope you like it & sorry if this has spoilt it for you
i'm keeping my fingers crossed it will eventually arrive

it's so annoying as the last couple of american etsy orders arrived in one week.


Kitschy Coo said...

Very good embroidery skillz! I love your uterus (teehee)...

Sorry about the missing post, I'm pretty sure I've got something missing too (heaps of Japanese fabric) :(

Apryl said...

fab embroidery! I second Kitschy..i luvs your uterus...

its crap that its not got to your partner yet though, perhaps some dodgy posty with a handlebar mustache has craftnabbed it.. the evil scoundril!

Teresa aka Tess said...

Don't fret too much your package may arrive yet. I once recieved a postcard from Denmark that took 36 days and another fromsame country only took 9. Who knows why?, not I!
Use those baby urges to mentor a young mother or babysit a friends baby. The embroidery item is really cute and the explanation behind it made it even more humorous. Great job!!

Giggly said...

Oooh Wow! That is really cool! I can't wait till the next swap!

Laurie said...

I really really like your embroidery! It's so clever and original!

Craft Matters said...

Gahh for the missing post. Hope it gets there soon - it is a fabulous piece of embroidery (and I sooo relate to the concept!).

Mrs Pretzel said...

Funny, because my hubs and I always talked about two kids, and I entertained the idea of three when we named #2... then we decided to stop at two, and I had an unexplainable need for three. I don't know how to explain it, other than I just didn't feel like I was DONE. Eventually I talked hubs into that third one, and he's glad I did... but I totally understand that feeling!! LOVE the art you made from it all!!

jafabrit said...

I like how you did the embroidery and how it speaks so well of your feelings :)