Tuesday, 9 June 2009

vintage embroidery transfer overload!

on my way home from dropping
my son off at pre-school

i had an overpowering desire
to check out the charity shops
. . .

ooohh - what do we have here then? my little heart skipped a beat when i saw what was peeking out at the edges . . .

an antique folder full of very very vintage embroidery transfer patterns

and vintage christmas cards

the more i flicked through the folder
the more i NEEDED it!

some are over a hundred years old!

it felt almost wrong to be looking through
someone elses treasures

every now and then i'd find a little newspaper clipping from the war on how to make and mend

i think this is my favourite pattern

love these snippets too

so much treasure - such an amazing find!

right at the back was this story
saved from the paper
dated new years eve 1940

skippity skip i went off to the counter
more than happy with my find

then i noticed these

vintage woman's magazines -
these are definately good for a giggle
oh i would've been so bad as a 50's wifey!

Wow it really was my lucky day . . .

and d'ya know what?
i also scored three pairs of vintage knitting needles
three of which are now ba

yep there are only two here
pesky teenage daughter strikes again!


nickynackynoo said...

Fantastic finds. You'll be waiting at the front door with his pipe and slippers before you know it!

Torya Winters said...

wow, they're brilliant finds! I love charity shops :D

Unknown said...

Wow great finds! Alas they dont put stuff like that out in my town - they think they wont sell (crazy fools)

Gill said...

What a fantastic find!! I'm sure, as a child, I had a jumper on which my mum had embroidered some of those birds!!! She used to read that magazine too! :)

Bigbluebed said...

Wonderful find. I too would be over the moon if I found it.

JuanitaTortilla said...

AMAZING!!! How much did this treasure cost you?

Gone to Earth said...

I'm green with envy... they're gorgeous finds.

Apryl said...

fabulous treasure book find.. thats fantastic... what beutiful old patterns.. I can guess what you will be up to craftwise soon.. more beautiful embroidery!

love the knitting needles bangles they are fab, I want to have a go!

Suzanne Vaughan said...

What an incredible find - lucky you.

Tamsyn said...

What a fab find!! Real treasure :) and it obviously needed to go to a good home where it would be looked after! x

Hannah said...

wow what a find! I love the bangles :)

Cynthia McCaughan said...

Golly! Almost museum pieces!I hope you keep them in the same condition - acid free envelopes are good


Laurie said...

Oh man, why don't my shops have stuff like that! What a score!

hens teeth said...

You must have thought you had died and gone to heaven, good for you. It just shows if you keep popping into Charity shops, just one day you might just get lucky and so you did. x

jafabrit said...

I would have had to hang a drool cup around my neck lol! what a brilliant find for so many reason.

jafabrit said...

ps. I love amy winehouse too.

kitschnkarma said...

my word - a brilliant find - i would be so pleased with these - they are wonderful