Saturday, 24 May 2008

Miranda is home!!!

so here is my finished doll for

i couldn't decide what hair colour i liked the best so i sent a choice of wigs - to be attached with flower hair pins. With ginger hair i decided her name was Miranda and to be honest her dress looks nicer with ginger hair BUT long black hair suited her too!

{she's a goth @ heart}

Miranda looks sweet 'n' innocent but she isn't !!!

she doesn't even own a single pair of knickers!!!

i was so pleased to hear she'd arrived safely and that

juicyfig liked her . . . . phew.

doll swap




Tuesday, 20 May 2008

doll swap


looking very at home with her new family!!

today i got my lovely new dolly from
isn't she a sweetie?, i also got some fabric,ric-rac & ribbon & some rose-scented mini bath bombs - thanks juicyfig - oh yeah apparently she was a swap VIRGIN so i deflowered her !!!!!!

here's a teaser for juicyfig!!!

just wondering which word caused a HUGE surge of interest? was it virgin - juicyfig - doll or deflower?

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

oh dear - i have a new OBSESSION.

my son has claimed the warrior set as
"it IS a BOY'S doll and NOT for girls"
i have been told!

Molly's dolly

it's a family affair - sisters are doing it for themselves!!!

i LOVE the shocked expression!
look at how tiny the baby one is - so sweet and slightly like a ghostie!!!


Saturday, 10 May 2008

lovely fabric and new crafting

gorgeous fabric.

commisioned bracelet

more altered art

bluebell woods

this is what we got up to last weekend!
how beautiful

native bluebells


wild violets


family outing

my gorgeous boy drove us home !

Thursday, 1 May 2008

miniture artworks

here are some mini works of art!
Dingle very kindly {thankyou} sent me some stamped images to play with
here's what i've got so far.
i like them.
do you?

i wanted to show the textures on this

here are the before and after shots!!!

{a work in progress}

i got "tagged"

i got tagged by Amy @ vintagefern - so if i don't respond now i'll just forget again - here goes -

Seven things about me -

1. i leave everything till the last minute - my partner lies about what time we need to be places {it doesn't work}

2. i have a very high dirt threshold - so much higher than my partner's!!! ha ha ha

3. i HATE cooking - unless it's cupcakes!

4. i'm addicted to vintage buttons [and sewing stuff] but i don't sew.

5. i LOVE eBay - {too much}

6. erm . . . . i love sour sweets {peach loops from lidl's are the best!} and Thornton's chocolate truffles and marzipan!

7. erm . . . . what else? oh i never go to bed before midnight - that's when i'm at my most creative.

i have to tag 3 people - here goes - juicyfig my doll swap partner - gingermonkey my best customer! and JackBlackRoady proud owner of new baby Isla

vintage swap

"the company car" !! groovy man!!!!

at last i've taken photo's of the lovely bag that dizzyday made me - i really love it , it's the perfect size to fit on my pushchair and holds loads of stuff , which is vital for my work!!!

I've had lots of compliments on it from jealous people - ha ha ha , it's mine all mine!!

cute little cabinet

i have been going "thrifting/eBay/bootsale" crazy lately and found this lovely little cabinet for one whole pound !! I have no idea what i'm going to do with it but i'm thinking decoupage with a vintage feel, at the moment it's holding my ever growing collection of vintage letter press.