Thursday, 1 May 2008

i got "tagged"

i got tagged by Amy @ vintagefern - so if i don't respond now i'll just forget again - here goes -

Seven things about me -

1. i leave everything till the last minute - my partner lies about what time we need to be places {it doesn't work}

2. i have a very high dirt threshold - so much higher than my partner's!!! ha ha ha

3. i HATE cooking - unless it's cupcakes!

4. i'm addicted to vintage buttons [and sewing stuff] but i don't sew.

5. i LOVE eBay - {too much}

6. erm . . . . i love sour sweets {peach loops from lidl's are the best!} and Thornton's chocolate truffles and marzipan!

7. erm . . . . what else? oh i never go to bed before midnight - that's when i'm at my most creative.

i have to tag 3 people - here goes - juicyfig my doll swap partner - gingermonkey my best customer! and JackBlackRoady proud owner of new baby Isla

1 comment:

JuicyFig said...

errrr - thanks for the tag! hehehe, will do some pondering first...

just posted a couple of peeks at your doll, so avoid me if youwant a total surprise, or peek if you just HAVE TO!!!! ;~)