Thursday, 9 July 2009

vintage doily tote bag

so following on with the doily theme. . . .

take one plain natural cotton tote bag
{available from the lovely Vonnie's Folksy shop - Blottedcopybook's store of wonders - only £5.00 for 5 !}

pin on a pretty vintage embroidered doily -
then remember you need to sew on some buttons
{vintage of course!}

sew on the buttons, through the doily but not through the bag

machine stitch your doily to your tote with contrasting cotton,
i used different colours for top and bobbin threads
{try not to get too cross with your dumb-ass sewing machine}

select a small crochet doily from the ever expanding pile
using a matching co
tton hand sew the doily to the centre of the first doily
remembering too late you should have don
e this before sewing on the first doily, sigh.
select a beautiful vintage mother-of-pearl button
to adorn the centre of the second doily
sew on with contrasting emb
roidery thread.

there you go - a cool new shopping bag!

unfortunately my photo's aren't so great this post
due to busy day with work and bad light
when i got the time to photograph
but you get the idea!
i will definately do the next bag in the right order!
you can click on any of the photo's for close up views!


Unknown said...

Thanks for the tutorial, cool bag!

Apryl said...

cool! love it.. this means I will have to do a tute for the doily hair accessory I made yesterday!

do you ever think one day we might learn to crochet our own? nah

ATELIER said...

looks great - would you like to join fellow crafters in the area for a local craft fair in Braunton in November? I'm organising a 'handmade Christmas'event as a platform for local makers.

gtlady said...

What a fab idea, though if you carry on like this there will soon be a shortage of doilys in the charity shops!

Unknown said...

This is so pretty!

Vonnie said...

Excellent tutorial!

Rima said...

What a cool bag!


Melisa Sriwulandari said...

Hai... I must say, I really enjoyed looking/reading through your blog!


Hanna Samuel said...

Beautiful work. Just love this vintage doily tote bag... Thread colors are awesome and skills of your embroidery digitizing are great. Thanks.