Thursday, 31 July 2008

Not much crafting here . . . .

but look what arrived in the post all the way from america!!!!! They are from my toadstool swap partner Jessica @ i commented on them on her blog which is full of lovely papercrafting and well worth a look at. ThAnKs JeSsIcA xxxxxx

school holidays are here again so i'm very busy with kids and not a lot of crafting going on but come september i'll have loads more time and i'm determined to make more "stuff" and set up an etsy shop selling my surplus buttons - i really hate to admit it but i have too many!

my latest russian dolls this is the first time i've strayed from the traditional design and colours but she has the sweetest face/s ~I'm thinking of selling some of my suplus russian dolls too as i have about 20 sets now ~ i must stay away from eBay!

it was my cousin's birthday (17) yesterday so this is the card i made her - it's a painting by Mark Ryden, who is my favourite artist. We all went to the cinema to watch "The Dark Knight" it was really really good - couldn't really fault it and would recommend it - my daughter came to and it was the first time she'd been to an adult film {she is 13} she was worried she'd not like it as she's not really into comic book heroes {shocking} but she liked it too! We had to lie to our son as he LOVES batman and would've howled the house dowwn if he'd known where we were going!!!

hand enamelled buttons - very funky

i've joined a new blog called button floozies which is well worth a look at if you are a button addict like me!

i will try and put a link on the side bar later .

Sunday, 20 July 2008

the pox continues..........

well it was hellish but we are now over the worst of it - i'm so glad i didn't knowingly expose him to chickenpox i would've felt sooooo awful. At least when he is all recovered i know i don't have to go through this hell again.
He has been such a brave boy that i will be buying him a new toy of his choosing tomorrow!

there were photo's here - i have now removed them - checking my site meter showed a strange ammount of interest in this post - this made me feel very uncomfortable.

word of warning here do not use bright pink bath crayons on white plastic baths it has stained very badly - grrrrrr.

forgot to include this on my birthday post - look the sun shone on my birthday and we built sandcastles on our favourite beach

my favourite flower in my garden

"splish splash geranium"

Thursday, 17 July 2008

a pox on my house!




my son has got chicken pox - he has spots all over but is being very good and so far has been happy and pretty much his usual self and so far is hardly scratching. Hopefully he will be over it quickly.

here follow some photo's of stuff i've bought recently - no crafting lately - my mojo is lost again

huge new bag

very very cute!!

lovely new buttons - bakerlite faux tortoiseshell with mother-of-pearl inlays

lovely lovely lovely
{& for sale if anyone fancys them!!!}

Thursday, 10 July 2008

happy birthday to me !!!

it's my birthday so i thought i'd share my cakes!!!!!