Sunday, 20 July 2008

the pox continues..........

well it was hellish but we are now over the worst of it - i'm so glad i didn't knowingly expose him to chickenpox i would've felt sooooo awful. At least when he is all recovered i know i don't have to go through this hell again.
He has been such a brave boy that i will be buying him a new toy of his choosing tomorrow!

there were photo's here - i have now removed them - checking my site meter showed a strange ammount of interest in this post - this made me feel very uncomfortable.

word of warning here do not use bright pink bath crayons on white plastic baths it has stained very badly - grrrrrr.

forgot to include this on my birthday post - look the sun shone on my birthday and we built sandcastles on our favourite beach

my favourite flower in my garden

"splish splash geranium"


April said...

Glad little 'un is feeling a bit better. Those flowers are gorgeous

April xx

Annie B said...

oooooh, that looks so sore...poor mite

delicious flower, and beach. Am so envious of you living near a beach.

JuicyFig said...

OMG! they are some pox!
Happy belated birthday as well!

(please don't do what my neice did with her pox, and collect the scabs in a bag to keep FOREVER!!!)


Miaou said...

Oooh poor boy, I can't imagine how sore that must be!

Lovely flowers too. I live near a smashing big beach too and it's so wonderful to be near the sea.

Chloe said...

Ahhhhh, poor boy.
Chicken pox really does suck.
I hope he picks a good toy!

The beach looks lovely. Very picturesque.