Saturday, 28 February 2009

"frankie and flora"



"a handfull of owls"

my newest pair of owl brooches
they are listed in my shops
i'm not sure how many more i will make now
i get bored if i make too many of the same thing
which is why they are all slightly different!

flora reminds me of one of my favourite books as a child,
it was called "the owl service" and was very weird!

Thursday, 26 February 2009

"OwL sWaP pReSeNtS"

oooooohh look at all my stuff!

a gorgeous smell came from within the jiffy bag
it was coming from this fantastic crochet owly eyemask!

a very fancy box of chocolates


this little box of chocolates came in some very unusual flavours!

some sweet vintage buttons & beads

and this cute pair of owl brooches
my daughter has her eye on one of these
and as there are two i think i will share!


thanks again to Karalea for being my swappee and to MeridianAriel for organising this fun swap xxxxxxx

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

"russian doll button brooch"

some time ago i did a trade with incywincy for some of her lovely fabric covered buttons
{link to her shop on sidebar}
while supposedly making more owl brooches for my shops i got sidetracked and made this
multi-layered button embellished brooch instead!

i'm really pleased how it turned out
it's available in my shops now!

more owls are coming soon too!

my owl swap parcel came yesterday too but i haven't loaded the photo's yet
i'll try and add it tomorrow - lovely stuff!

Saturday, 21 February 2009

***** OwL sWaP *****

i've been dying to blog about what i made for the owl swap organised by
MeridianAriel @
but i needed to wait until my swapee had received her parcel , it went to
Karalea @
in the USA
i'm always nervous when the swap is in transit
hoping it doesn't get lost or worse still that the swapee will be disappointed especially after seeing all the other fantastic owls being sent and received here
but it got there safely and Karalea said
"I absolutely LOVE it" - phew!!

here is what i sent to Karalea

a felt brooch - a pair of owl eye buttons & a owly greetings card

unfortunately i took my photo's in a bit of a hurry and most of them came out blurry these were the best of the bunch
i'm glad i take so many photo's of each item!

here is another owl brooch which sold on Folksy yesterday

i'm really enjoying making these fat owl brooches and so i will be making some more for the shops
do you think the bright coloured ones or the natural coloured ones look best?
I can't decide!

Monday, 16 February 2009

"real life" got in the way of crafting this week!

I've not got a lot of crafting done lately as i actually got some work last week , it will only be temporary but very welcome as i have had to put a total block on "unnecessary" spending.
Anyway as i've not been working lately i feel shattered now AND it's half-term this week so have to do much more entertaining than usual, so far this week i have done softplay {yawn} and we've built sandcastles in the sun on the beach, what a difference a few days makes, we were building snowmen less than a fortnight ago! Today we did the library with very very very overdue books thank goodness they were on my son's card, where we rented out a Tom Baker/Doctor Who dvd and came home and watched the whole thing whilst eating sweeties!

I was very pleased to be told {thanks crafter...oo}
that my "forget-me-not" brooch

had been featured on this blog

{brooch is available in my shops!}


there are loads more lovely things appearing in the crafter...oo comic relief shop
thanks to PennyDog for all her hard work

please see link in post below as everytime i try to add it i lose half my post!

I hope all you parents with youngsters enjoy your half-term .

Friday, 6 February 2009

crafter...oo comic relief shop!

Kerry from PennyDog Jewellery has organized a crafter...oo shop on folksy to raise money for comic relief,

all the items are donated by forum members and all the proceeds are going to the charity,
even the listing fees are being waived.
more items are being added daily so be sure to favourite the shop and keep checking out what treasures have been newly listed.

here's my first donation - i may well add more!




Wednesday, 4 February 2009

PennyDog jewellery

i recently did another trade - this time with Kerry from PennyDog Jewellery.
She wanted some plain tags cutting out for a new packaging idea she'd had and i just happen to have the right size die and a die-cutting machine so she offered to make me some pendants in return - i think i got the better deal - look what she made me - i provided two broken vintage glass buttons, a key charm and a tiny heart button.
i think they came out beautifully.

Kerry makes all sorts of lovely resin jewellery - i have stolen the images below from her flickr account{hope you don't mind Kerry!} - i love this tapemeasure bracelet and i have suggested a dressmaking pattern paper one would be fantastic

Kerry also takes commissions and recently made this lovely pendant as a memorial

not only does Kerry make all this fantastic jewellery available here and from etsy and folksy, she also blogs and is writing her own resin tutorial book available to pre-order now!
phew . . . . slow down Kerry i can't keep up!

oh and i fogot to say that for every item of jewellery she sells
Kerry donates a £1 to the "retired greyhound trust"
what a star!