Monday, 16 February 2009

"real life" got in the way of crafting this week!

I've not got a lot of crafting done lately as i actually got some work last week , it will only be temporary but very welcome as i have had to put a total block on "unnecessary" spending.
Anyway as i've not been working lately i feel shattered now AND it's half-term this week so have to do much more entertaining than usual, so far this week i have done softplay {yawn} and we've built sandcastles in the sun on the beach, what a difference a few days makes, we were building snowmen less than a fortnight ago! Today we did the library with very very very overdue books thank goodness they were on my son's card, where we rented out a Tom Baker/Doctor Who dvd and came home and watched the whole thing whilst eating sweeties!

I was very pleased to be told {thanks crafter...oo}
that my "forget-me-not" brooch

had been featured on this blog

{brooch is available in my shops!}


there are loads more lovely things appearing in the crafter...oo comic relief shop
thanks to PennyDog for all her hard work

please see link in post below as everytime i try to add it i lose half my post!

I hope all you parents with youngsters enjoy your half-term .


Jessica Rodarte said...

What a super cute brooch... The felt flowers are so cute. I am so happy you're joining the swap!! :o) I'm looking forward to it.

Izabela said...

oh how pretty owls I see! I love those brooches - and to be fair I normally buy everything rather in natural colors and would think owl needs natural colors but the pinky, purply turquise colored one is so funky! if I was you I would do in both colors but more the funky ones!