Friday, 6 January 2012

vintage map pendant tutorial.

: vintage map pendant tutorial :


one memory frame

vintage lace - if using modern lace you could age it by tea dying it.

needle and thread


step one: using one of the glass slides as a guide choose
an interesting section of map
and cut out using a sharp knife.

step two: choose some lace and sew to map section - i used a ruby red cotton
and added cross-stitches to the inside edge.

step three: using dry transfer lettering add a message

{excuse the rubbish photo - it was night time!}

step four: i then added a stitched heart

step five: sandwich collage between glass slides and insert into frame

step six: choose lace,ribbon,cord or chain for your pendant
or alternatively attach a ribbon and pin to wear it like a medal.

optional step:
i really liked seeing the back of the stitching so i didn't hide this part but you could cover the back of your work or add an extra message.

notes: make sure your collage is not getting too thick - it needs to fit between the glass sides and into the memory frame!


This tutorial was previously published in

Issue One of the Crafter...oo Magazine

it is still available to buy here

as is the new and exciting Issue Two for just £1.50


mel m. m. mccarthy said...

This is stunning! Thanks so much for showing how you made it. Now to find some maps... :-)

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