Wednesday, 4 January 2012

the start of something . . . .

My Mum gave me this antique lace a few weeks ago as she has had it for years

and never used it - it's so pretty and as it isn't from my personal lace stash

i'm going to use it before i get attached to it!

this year i'm going to try and reduce my massive stash of buttons/lace and vintage fabrics.

i decided that i'd use the lace to make a victorian style dress for my Blythe doll Idris

and as my sewing machine is out of action i'm going to be doing this totally by hand

the base fabric is an old pillowcase that belonged to my Aunty Thelma,

she was a terrible hoarder - not that i'm in any position to pass comment!

vintage ingredients:
i cannot seem to use vintage lace without a splash of red sylko thread!
i think this will get used on the wheel design on the lace.

trying it on for size

not sure how long i'll make the skirt

or even how i'll make the waistband yet

trial and error this time and hopefully i'll learn as i go!

Idris is hoping there will be a top to this dress

it's a bit cold to go topless!

just found this photo booth treatment on big huge labs

cool eh?

think i'll be using it a lot!!

HaPpY NeW yEaR


i'm hoping for a creative


hope you all have one too x

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