Sunday, 18 December 2011

Bauble Dioramas

you will need a two part clear plastic bauble

gather up your supplies

i have used a two part bauble

self adhesive paper lace

and gold paint marker

Anita's tacky glue

lots of glitter


you will need some small cute items to go in your bauble

first paint the inside of one half of a bauble with pva glue

then cover with glitter!

shake of the excess and return to pot

try not to spill it everywhere like me :)

leave to dry
shake of excess glitter

next do the outside
again leave to dry

now you can try out some of your cute little decorations

i loved the little fawn but thought it would look better

in a snowy glittery scene

i had taken this irridescent fluff out of a glass bauble i'd used as a mini terrarium

and the baby russian doll was an orphan

she looked just right on her snow!

i glued in the "snow"
left it to dry

then added the tiny doll

i wedged her in with the rubber till the glue had dried
whilst i waited, i coloured some white paper lace gold with the paint pen

once dry i added the gold paper lace to the bauble

cute eh?

lastly i added a black ribbon bow to the top


here's my first diorama
we have had some very wild weather lately

so i've been finding lots of twigs and lichen blown down whilst out on my walks with Max

having made mini bauble terrariums with some of the lichen

the rest had dried out, so i have used some of the twigs on wreaths{photo's soon}

and had this little bit left that fitted perfectly in the bauble

i used very fine white glitter on the inside of this bauble

and a courser irridescent white glitter on the outside

very frosty!

i love these tiny birds but i'm running out :(


i've had great fun making these baubles

and i'm now keeping my eyes peeled for tiny things to go inside them

i found some fantastic little people and animals in the model train shop

and cute bottle brush trees in the cake decorating section at the cook shop.

i think i'll use that little fawn next :)


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Unknown said...

Wow! fantastic, I love them all but the little fawn is just the cutest!!

Have a wonderful Christmas and a fulfilling New Year in which all your hopes and dreams come true! love Annie xx

Anonymous said...

I really like these, it's just finding those knick knacks!

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