Saturday, 17 December 2011

A new face & a new friend

Last friday, feeling rather nervous

me, Idris and the Man jumped in the van and travelled 9 miles to get Idris a spray matt treatment and to meet an internet friend for the first time at her house

Robin {ex owner of My Little Customs} had very kindly offered to spray my dolls face for me as i'm too scared to sand the gloss off or customise her in anyway to be honest!

I'm still slightly in shock that i bought myself a Blythe doll and even though she was a very fair price from another internetty friends i'm just terrified of undoing her head and breaking her or cutting her beautiful hair and it looking like my daughters did when she was three and i decided to trim her fringe!!!!

Anyway it turns out there was no reason to be nervous

Robin is lovely and just like she is online but better!

We stayed for a cup of tea, met her gorgeous dog and got used as a climbing wall by her teeny weeny crazy kitten!

We talked and talked and i got to see someone else's dolls in REAL LIFE i now need a blythe with mohair hair!

We left Idris with Robin whilst we went into town to shop as she needed more coats of spray and when i collected her later she was dressed in this sweet little dress (which i'd seen similar to online and been lusting after) and sweet cardigan {not shown}

how lucky am i ?!

Idris looks so much better with her matt face and lip gloss
i'm hoping to get some lovely photo's of her now the dreaded shine has gone
thanks again to the lovely Robin x


when i got home my daughter {17} gave me a lecture about meeting strangers from the internet in their homes
"For gods sake she could've been anyone Mum - she could've been a paedophile!"
well yeah but i'm 41 and i didn't go alone
but thanks for caring daughter dear!!!


Anonymous said...

Idris looks fabulous - the dress is gorgeous. Haha at your daughter!

two bones and a bagle said...

yes I have had those comments too from my daughters when going on blog meets. At least they care - lol.

jaydee67 said...

Great to meet someone you 'know' and get on, I love your daughter's comment and the fact she is computer safe savvy!

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