about me

here's me when i was little and cute!
Oh how things change :o)
Nearly four decades later and a lot less cute - i am a button/vintage haberdashery addict - i'd truely love to have a real life bricks'n'mortar shop but being realistic i know that wouldn't work in my sleepy part of the world! So i sell on line in my Folksy/Etsy shops - when i can bear to let my treasures go.

  i mainly feature my crafty experiments on my blog - i have always been crafty and for many years worked in an art/craft shop Blue Gallery  where i would often spend a big chunk of my wages on new craft supplies!!! I get bored quickly so i feature a varied selection of crafts and at the moment i'm back into cross stitch and embroidery.

i live in beautiful North Devon and have done all my life, i still live in my hometown and have no plans in moving away EVER :o)

i have two kids 15yrs and 5yrs - a very expensive to maintain epileptic dog - two guinea pigs and a hamster - oh and not forgetting my long suffering partner who tries not to be too grumpy about living in a messy house where he gets served burnt dinners because i have wandered off to my computor or craft room forgetting i was cooking!