Thursday, 30 April 2009

award time!

i got a blog award - from Izabela over @ bluefishhandmade i can never really work out what i'm meant to do with blog awards and memes etc but all i have to do is pass on my award to eight bloggy friends so here goes - i have never physically met or talked to any of these lovely ladies but i feel they make a huge impact on my days and make my self-employed worklife much more fun - they are my water-cooler mates - they are there when i want a giggle or a moan or crafty/pricing advice OR more often than not to distract me from work ha ha ha :0)

Friday, 24 April 2009

do you twitter?

i love to twitter - it's my newest addiction!
my profile page
i think i love it so much because i work from home so it is like that workplace chit-chat that i miss out on plus i can pimp my shops new updates or blogposts and follow a few celebs like Stephen Fry - Neil Gaiman - Jonathan Ross
MeridianAriel never fails to disapoint with funny links to sites like CakeFail and suchlike!

I've just started two twibes - please don't ask me what i twibe is, 'cause i've no idea! . . . just check them out!
here's my twibe page

twibe 1 http:/

twibe 2

there are loads of great twibes out there!

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

carboot sale fun!

I've been poorly for the whole of the easter school holidays
quite a lot of it i spent lying on the sofa holding on for dear life
i had viral labyrinthitis - it was horrible
but i'm 95% better now - yipee :0)

to celebrate my return to health -
i persuaded my long suffering partner to take us off to a big carboot sale
we found some fantastic BARGAINS!!
we even left most of them there!

this was the first thing i bought - how cute?
long suffering partner said "ewwww -they saw you coming"

now for all you vintage button fans
you would've been in HEAVEN
unfortunately they were SUPER expensive
and due to my dizzy head it was
really hard work looking through

all FIVE HUGE tins of buttons

long suffering partner just shook his head and walked away taking smallest child with him!

i only bought a small handfull
but it was a case of quality over quantity
LOVE the terriers
and do you think that is Dopey from SnowWhite?
i'm still thinking about this stall now it was FANTASTIC!!!

these items came from a stall that was selling everything for 10p each!
i also bought a birdhouse and
a random unspecified plant,
the man said it had yellow flowers
and was tall that's all he could tell me!!

and these gorgeous vintage 1974 playmobile red indians
were too nice not to buy!
i'm pretty sure i had some like this when i was little
my son has spent ages playing with them

cute !

oh yeah and as i stepped out of the car i found a fiver on the floor!!


what i left behind :
an old rocking horse £2.00
aluminium jelly moulds - mummy rabbit {i have a set of babies} a baby hare and a fish
five HUGE tins of all vintage buttons!!!

i also got really bad sunburn on the back of my neck from looking at all the goodies!

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Glue and Glitter's aMaZiNg BuTtOn'S

I have totally fallen in love with the designs
of Laura the designer behind "Glue and Glitter"
i first saw Laura's work on the Crafter...oo forum,
but it's not just buttons, she makes lovely jewellery too and i noticed in her shop today she is now stocking fabrics printed with her own distinctive designs . . . .

Laura has her own website

an etsy shop

my favourites are the multi coloured birds in cages which are your favourites?

oh and Laura also takes commissions!!
{check out the buttons on incywincy's wall hanging here }

and blogs here

phew . . . . . she is one busy girl!

Friday, 10 April 2009

"hApPy eAsTeR"

here is my son in his Easter Bonnet for the Easter Parade
we enjoyed making it together, i drew - he coloured - i cut out!
this isn't such a great photo of the hat but the other photo's have other peoples kids in.
he just looks so pleased with himself in this photo i had to share!


"marjorie" has NO manners and constantly eats with her mouth open

but at least it means sometimes
her victims get away
relatively unscathed

"run chickies RUN"



these are the things i sent my partner in the "secret easter chick" organised by incywinsystitches over on CRAFTER...OO i enjoyed making my egg monster but was worried it was a bit too weird! i think i made up for it with cute chicks and chocolate though!!!

I wish all my readers a lovely easter break
i'm not a christian so it's all about celebrating the coming of spring for me
and it's all looking beautiful here right now
the new leaves unfurling and all the pretty yellow and blue flowers popping up everywhere
and the beautiful sunshine . . . . .

but very best of all ,
even better than the chocolate eggs and bunnies
why DOCTOR WHO of course!!!
i'm soooo excited!

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

i won blog give aways!

firstly i won this pretty wool flower brooch
from Dria

she is making some pretty funky sock monkeys at the moment
they are very cute!


and then i won this St.Patrick's day giveawy from
she has a shop on etsy

thanks to Vonnie for pointing me in the direction of this giveaway!!

it does make good sense to use washable cloth pads

it is very well made

and even pretty!

I found it quite amusing gauging people's response to the pad
my Mum said "eurgh i remember my Mother telling me they had to use rags"
my daughter was much more open minded and interested in the concept
i guess it's a generational thing -
i'm in the middle - a bit "eurgh" and a bit "ooohh"
we shall see!


thanks again to Dria and Matersum
it's always nice to get a present - especially through the post!