Tuesday, 7 April 2009

i won blog give aways!

firstly i won this pretty wool flower brooch
from Dria

she is making some pretty funky sock monkeys at the moment
they are very cute!


and then i won this St.Patrick's day giveawy from
she has a shop on etsy

thanks to Vonnie for pointing me in the direction of this giveaway!!

it does make good sense to use washable cloth pads

it is very well made

and even pretty!

I found it quite amusing gauging people's response to the pad
my Mum said "eurgh i remember my Mother telling me they had to use rags"
my daughter was much more open minded and interested in the concept
i guess it's a generational thing -
i'm in the middle - a bit "eurgh" and a bit "ooohh"
we shall see!


thanks again to Dria and Matersum
it's always nice to get a present - especially through the post!


JuanitaTortilla said...

TWO winnings? Wow,

Well, um, will you be 'eek'-ing me if I told you I've made my own cloth pads, and use them as well? Oh they are so much more comfortable than the plastick-y disposable ones which I really hate!!!

Give this cloth pad a go, and see how you like it.

Annie B said...

cool! love the pad - I did buy one but never used it as I started a love affair with a mooncup instead...if you get on well with the shamrock one let me know and I'll dig it out for you. I repeat...never used!