Tuesday, 21 April 2009

carboot sale fun!

I've been poorly for the whole of the easter school holidays
quite a lot of it i spent lying on the sofa holding on for dear life
i had viral labyrinthitis - it was horrible
but i'm 95% better now - yipee :0)

to celebrate my return to health -
i persuaded my long suffering partner to take us off to a big carboot sale
we found some fantastic BARGAINS!!
we even left most of them there!

this was the first thing i bought - how cute?
long suffering partner said "ewwww -they saw you coming"

now for all you vintage button fans
you would've been in HEAVEN
unfortunately they were SUPER expensive
and due to my dizzy head it was
really hard work looking through

all FIVE HUGE tins of buttons

long suffering partner just shook his head and walked away taking smallest child with him!

i only bought a small handfull
but it was a case of quality over quantity
LOVE the terriers
and do you think that is Dopey from SnowWhite?
i'm still thinking about this stall now it was FANTASTIC!!!

these items came from a stall that was selling everything for 10p each!
i also bought a birdhouse and
a random unspecified plant,
the man said it had yellow flowers
and was tall that's all he could tell me!!

and these gorgeous vintage 1974 playmobile red indians
were too nice not to buy!
i'm pretty sure i had some like this when i was little
my son has spent ages playing with them

cute !

oh yeah and as i stepped out of the car i found a fiver on the floor!!


what i left behind :
an old rocking horse £2.00
aluminium jelly moulds - mummy rabbit {i have a set of babies} a baby hare and a fish
five HUGE tins of all vintage buttons!!!

i also got really bad sunburn on the back of my neck from looking at all the goodies!


JuanitaTortilla said...

Hey, didn't know you were feeling ill. At least you're alive and kicking now!
Wait a minute, how did an Edelweiss button get in there?

Hannah said...

Sorry to hear you felt poorly over the holidays, as you know I know that feeling all too well, glad to her you're feeling better though :)
Those buttons are ace, I do think that that is dopey and I love it!

bex said...

yep car boots are awesome aren't they! i came across one of those button tins...instead of picking through them carefully...i brought the whole tine for five pounds!

x vInTaGe VioLeT x said...

juanita - it's a great button i love edelweiss!

hannah - thanks x i'm so pleased to be better i really don't know how you cope xxx

bex - i wish she would've sold me a tin - there was soooooo much beauty in each tin! but she was fierce and expensive{just as i would've been!!!}

Nicola said...

Adore that little blue scotty dog button - very, very cute!

RR said...

i am one big guilty offender of visiting blogs & not commenting then i get the big guilts & start leaving lots of messages on everyones blog...
i visited yours earlier without leaving a comment....for shame!
i would have done eventually tho...btw i love love love every single last one of your thrifty finds especially the cute deer ..ooh & the buttons its annoying when things are pricey though isnt it?at carboots i want everything cheap,cheap,cheap.wow this turned into a really long comment!
hope you have a lovely day =)


hens teeth said...

You and me together on the labyrinthitis then, ughh, so absolutely and utterly vile. So glad you are feeling better now.
Blimey, did'nt you do well at the boot! Does you the world of good, except for the sun burn.

Tamsyn said...

Great finds! I have the two scottie dog buttons in my collection..very cute. I love car boots it's like hunting for treasure. x

tothenest said...

Oh my goodness, just found you and what fun! Button and Buckle Porn... How funny. Never heard that wording before before, but I understand exactly!
Hope you are feeling better. Nothing like a Boot Sale (We call them garage sales where I am) to pick up the spirts a bit.
I can't remember from what link I found you~ from someone's twitter page I think.
I loved your pins and cards of buttons * very sweet.
Feel better
Katie From California

woollywotnots said...

Your posting was a great read. You always make me laugh. I loved the added comments from your partner!

Annie B said...

poor you - sorry to hear you were ill. But glad you feeling better- that car boot sale takes some beating though. Great finds. Think you should have bought the mummy rabbit though. I have one and she goes down really well at birthday parties on a bed of green jelly grass!

Rebecca said...

Oh wow what fab finds!! I must get to a bootsale soon, loved them last summer!