Friday, 10 April 2009

"hApPy eAsTeR"

here is my son in his Easter Bonnet for the Easter Parade
we enjoyed making it together, i drew - he coloured - i cut out!
this isn't such a great photo of the hat but the other photo's have other peoples kids in.
he just looks so pleased with himself in this photo i had to share!


"marjorie" has NO manners and constantly eats with her mouth open

but at least it means sometimes
her victims get away
relatively unscathed

"run chickies RUN"



these are the things i sent my partner in the "secret easter chick" organised by incywinsystitches over on CRAFTER...OO i enjoyed making my egg monster but was worried it was a bit too weird! i think i made up for it with cute chicks and chocolate though!!!

I wish all my readers a lovely easter break
i'm not a christian so it's all about celebrating the coming of spring for me
and it's all looking beautiful here right now
the new leaves unfurling and all the pretty yellow and blue flowers popping up everywhere
and the beautiful sunshine . . . . .

but very best of all ,
even better than the chocolate eggs and bunnies
why DOCTOR WHO of course!!!
i'm soooo excited!


bex said...

i love the monster! it makes me think of the muppets!x

Sam Gillespie said...

Great photos! Marjorie is fab :p Happy Easter vV & family. xxx

Glamglass said...

That is fab!! Love Marjorie!! Dr Who was great!!! Have a great weekend!!

Kitty Ballistic said...

Great photos, I especially love the chick looking to camera in the 'Argh!' pic. Happy Easter!

JuanitaTortilla said...

Aren't you one fun mama!

I'm with you on celebrating Spring. Oh yes, I'm all for the warmth, sunshine, and lovely colours! That's what LIFE is all about.