Saturday, 29 August 2009

i've been crafting!

my recent posts have been somewhat lacking in any actual craft projects
so here is an update of what i've been making lately!

this is made of several layers of tinted recycled dictionary pages
it is fairly thick and substantial i made it as a brooch
but i'm not sure how long lasting it will be, i'm thinking of varnishing it
but i really like to be able to feel the textures hmm

next up is a rather girly brooch made of vintage lace and a truely gorgeous diamonte button
i made these two about a week ago in a fleeting crafty moment
i suddenly felt the "urge" to craft!


then for the best part of a week i have been
trying to fit the contents of my large workroom/spareroom/general dumping ground
into my son's very small bedroom
this has involved filling three large bags/boxes with stuff
{out grown clothes/toys/books/videos/magazines}
for the charity shop and filling about seven bin bags with rubbish
i've tried to be strong and throw things out
but i am a natural hoarder from a long line of hoarders
it is soooo hard - because well i might need that one day!

so my son is now in his new big boy bedroom with a brand new big boy high bed
the tardis is no longer on the landing but the computer is
which is good as i can keep an eye on my teen daughter during her MSN sessions
there is still a huge ammount of sorting and tidying to do in my new workroom
and we now have no spare room but it is all mine!

i'll post photo's when it is finished!


PennyDog one of the other moderators over at CRAFTER...OO
posted a link to a tutorial making these fantasic fabric flowers
they are super easy to do and quite addictive!

a brooch and a bobby pin

the blue flower is made with a medium weight fabric
it seemed like quite an expensive fabric
but i can't remember where it came from or what i bought it for!

the pink flower was made with very very cheap dress lining fabric
left over from a fancy dress costume project from many years ago
this melted very quickly and gave a frillier effect.

if you want something fun and quick and highly inflammable to do
give them a go
(have a bowl of water at the ready though as some fabrics are quicker to ignite than others!)

My son came into my workroom and found me sitting amongst
the chaos of boxes of fabrics and bags of beads and buttons
melting these petals over a candle flame
he said "i think that you are having fun making those, and that is your toy"
he looked around my room and said
"i think these are all your toys and that you like playing with them"

Yes son i think you are right and aren't i lucky
that i can still sit on the floor in my room and play!
happy days!

Monday, 24 August 2009

craft swaps

i've signed up for a couple of swaps lately
the first is MeridianAriel's 1980's fantasy movie craft swap
today is the last day for sign ups - i meant to blogg this earlier {sorry Meri} but time has been just zooming by this summ

i can't wait to get started on this one i love all those movies but i think Labyrinth really was my all time favourite David Bowie in thoose oh so very tight trousers *swoon*


next is incywincystitches button jewellery swap
well how could i resist that?

i definately have plenty of supplies for this swap!

both swaps have a nice long completion date
so i have no worries about getting these out before their deadlines {ha ha ha}
plus i need something to fill my time now my lovely boy is starting at school - i'm really going to miss him and feel quite sad about him going
but i know he's ready for it and he will love school and being with his friends everyday

so bring on the swaps!

just spreading the news!

- the first mr x stitch birthday bonanza -

On 27th August, Mr X Stitch will be one year old, and there’s lots happening!

First of all we will be launching a new range of cross stitch and embroidery patterns from some of the newest embroidery talents out there. When you find out who they are, you’re going to want them!

We’re also announcing a new roster of guest posters, who will be bringing you more views from the wonderful world of stitching.

And finally, the information
you’ve all been waiting for…
we’re having a giveaway!
Yes indeed, you will have the chance to win one of the following:

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A copy of Manga Cross Stitch,
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We’ve also got a special prize of
a batch of light effects threads
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Can’t be bad!

So spread the word, tell your friends,
and we’ll see you there!

Saturday, 15 August 2009

Holiday Diary!

So we just got home from our family summer holiday.
We managed to pack in loads but i think we could've easily found another weeks worth of things to do!
We are very lucky that that my partner's Dad has recently bought a holiday home in Dawlish, South Devon which our family and our {unfortunately VERY NAUGHTY} dog* can stay in

on Dawlish beach
colourful beach huts

We met up with the rest of the family for sunday lunch
note all the girls hiding from the camera
I of course always hide behind the camera!

a trip to Paignton Zoo
today was cloudy and we had very light drizzle
so we decided this would be the perfect day for a trip to the zoo zoo ZOO
much walking my poor legs had had enough after 6 hours!

we saw loads of great animals, it is a lovely zoo

monkey heights

prairie dogs


On Tuesdays, Grandad Dave and his partner Sue,
look after her grandchildren,
so we all took a short trip on the train to Teignmouth
and then another very short trip on the ferry to Shaldon,
on our way up the hill to the smugglers tunnels and Ness Cove beach we found these fantastic hub-cap teepee's

today we had a day out with Grandad Dave
first we went to see the caves at Kent's Cavern
which we all enjoyed my daughter especially
unfortunately all my photo's were rubbish
so you are spared photo's of stalagmites and stalactites!

we stopped off at a lovely pebbley beach for a pic-nic

and then we went to the Museum at Torquay
because they were having a sci-fi exhibition
my son went totally star struck when he was confronted
with props from his beloved Doctor Who
so although he looks likes he's miserable in the photo's
he was really happy honest!

"erm there's something behind you"

even Storm Troopers need hugs!


"very scary monsters"


we had a much deserved lovely lazy day on the beach
picking through pebbles and shells
and building sandcastles and paddling
and watching the trains go by

Dawlish's famous Black Swans

after a lovely week on holiday without a single arguement
and lots of fun and beautiful sunshine and cakes and icecreams
it was time to pack up and come home

my son as ever the joker
decided to steal various items and dress up
me and my daughter were creased up laughing

*due to the naughty dog there was a bit of paintwork to repair!

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

not a lot of crafting!

but we went to a lovely wedding

father and son all suited up!

the ever present sonic screwdriver!

beautiful bride in her beautiful dress

"Tawstoch Church"
the wedding was in a really beautiful setting
and the reception was within walking distance
just up the hill with spectacular views

lego eleventh Doctor Who!
i hid a few things in my bag as boredom breakers
sweets for the church and lego for the speeches!

"Codden Hill"
my son found a new little friend to roll about on the grass with
i dread to think how many grass stains that dress ended up with!

he enjoyed a good old boogie on the dance floor!

being in charge of the camera meant no photo's of me
well there is one my son took on my flickr
but it is highly unflattering!
So here is one i took of us while getting the boy ready for bed
at midnight!
He was so well behaved and reallly would've been happy stay till the early hours!


oh i do like to live beside the seaside!

the poor dog didn't get a walk on the day of the wedding
so we made it up to her with a walk on the beach
the next day

good way to excerise boys too!

there was a regatta on and they had had a sandcastle competition
so we enjoyed checking out the funky castles/sculptures!

scary octopus!


hopefully i'll get some crafting done this week!