Monday, 24 August 2009

craft swaps

i've signed up for a couple of swaps lately
the first is MeridianAriel's 1980's fantasy movie craft swap
today is the last day for sign ups - i meant to blogg this earlier {sorry Meri} but time has been just zooming by this summ

i can't wait to get started on this one i love all those movies but i think Labyrinth really was my all time favourite David Bowie in thoose oh so very tight trousers *swoon*


next is incywincystitches button jewellery swap
well how could i resist that?

i definately have plenty of supplies for this swap!

both swaps have a nice long completion date
so i have no worries about getting these out before their deadlines {ha ha ha}
plus i need something to fill my time now my lovely boy is starting at school - i'm really going to miss him and feel quite sad about him going
but i know he's ready for it and he will love school and being with his friends everyday

so bring on the swaps!


Georgia Peachez said...

Thanks for spreading the word, I've just signed up for the button jewelry swap. I haven't done a swap in ages, but this sounds perfect because I love vintage buttons and I love jewelry! xo, suzy

Hannah said...

I really want to do these but I really can't afford it ;)
Have fun with them and don't forget to show us some photos!