Saturday, 29 August 2009

i've been crafting!

my recent posts have been somewhat lacking in any actual craft projects
so here is an update of what i've been making lately!

this is made of several layers of tinted recycled dictionary pages
it is fairly thick and substantial i made it as a brooch
but i'm not sure how long lasting it will be, i'm thinking of varnishing it
but i really like to be able to feel the textures hmm

next up is a rather girly brooch made of vintage lace and a truely gorgeous diamonte button
i made these two about a week ago in a fleeting crafty moment
i suddenly felt the "urge" to craft!


then for the best part of a week i have been
trying to fit the contents of my large workroom/spareroom/general dumping ground
into my son's very small bedroom
this has involved filling three large bags/boxes with stuff
{out grown clothes/toys/books/videos/magazines}
for the charity shop and filling about seven bin bags with rubbish
i've tried to be strong and throw things out
but i am a natural hoarder from a long line of hoarders
it is soooo hard - because well i might need that one day!

so my son is now in his new big boy bedroom with a brand new big boy high bed
the tardis is no longer on the landing but the computer is
which is good as i can keep an eye on my teen daughter during her MSN sessions
there is still a huge ammount of sorting and tidying to do in my new workroom
and we now have no spare room but it is all mine!

i'll post photo's when it is finished!


PennyDog one of the other moderators over at CRAFTER...OO
posted a link to a tutorial making these fantasic fabric flowers
they are super easy to do and quite addictive!

a brooch and a bobby pin

the blue flower is made with a medium weight fabric
it seemed like quite an expensive fabric
but i can't remember where it came from or what i bought it for!

the pink flower was made with very very cheap dress lining fabric
left over from a fancy dress costume project from many years ago
this melted very quickly and gave a frillier effect.

if you want something fun and quick and highly inflammable to do
give them a go
(have a bowl of water at the ready though as some fabrics are quicker to ignite than others!)

My son came into my workroom and found me sitting amongst
the chaos of boxes of fabrics and bags of beads and buttons
melting these petals over a candle flame
he said "i think that you are having fun making those, and that is your toy"
he looked around my room and said
"i think these are all your toys and that you like playing with them"

Yes son i think you are right and aren't i lucky
that i can still sit on the floor in my room and play!
happy days!


koralee said...

How lovely...I adore talented the first brooch with the recycled dictionary so so lovely!

Apryl said...

very inspiring.. I love the singed flower brooch and hair pin... I may have to give them a try but I don't have any synthetic fabrics.. the next thing I want to try is to crochet... oh and I found a "t-shirt yarn" tutorial to try..

glad to see you crafting again.. I hope it rubs off on me... I could do with the inspiration and creativity

Bigbluebed said...

I too am a natural hoarder.
And so is my daughter.

Oh well - we need to move.

I love what you have made. And the little flower hair grips are so pretty.

cupotea said...

I love everything you've been making, and your sons comments made me smile. I think I'm going to give the fabric flowers a go everyone's have turned out really pretty.

gtlady said...

I really love your dictionary brooch, what a brill idea! And your son's comments ring true with me to, my boys often think my 'toys' are better than theirs!

JuliaB said...

Hello. Lovely flowers you have made there. As the Tutorial came from my blog, I wonder if you would credit me with a link to it :


Georgia Peachez said...

Hi Megan, I just got the email that we are swap partners for the button jewelry swap! Yeah! You can write to me at and let me know if you have any special preferences. I am looking forward to the swap! xo, suzy

Miaou said...

LOL at the playing with toys - yup, that's exactly what my kids think too! I love the dictionary brooch, that is fab!