Sunday, 6 September 2009

feeling inspired

so because of this very excited young man
who just started school and is apparently
now already cleverer than his sister

same mess different location!
my work desk is in it's new location and
probably because {believe it or not} my desk was tidy
i've been feeling inspired to create "stuff"
during my massive tidying and sort
ing session
i unearthed a batch of gla
ss bottles
which i've been saving for years
just waiting for inspiration!

here's what i came up with
they aren't finished and i think they are one of those projects
that don't have an easy finishing point

i'm going to hang some little charms around the necks of these

and this one will be sporting a pair of wings

i couldn't resist adding a doily to this one!

i'm just looking for the perfect "something" to fill this gap

i've really enjoyed making these and i think i'll be making some with a slightly more steam punky feel to them,
'cause i also unearthed a jar labelled "rusty old stuff"
see i was right everything has a use!


more of my workspace

somewhere along the line i seem to have become a doll collector
i don't know quite how this has happened to me
i have always gently mocked my Mum
for her own collection of dolls
and somehow this has happened!
Well they do say we turn into our mothers!


Kitschy Coo said...

You workspace is so pretty! And organised *hangs head in shame*

The bottles are lovely too!

Leah said...

Lovely bottles.

My "workspace" is still not sorted as our old dining table doesn't fit in so I need a new one!! I think your little drawers are fab

Gill said...

Those bottles are really lovely!

Great workspace too!

Pips said...

Love that picture of your son! We take a photo every first day of the new school year - the kids hate me doing it, but I love to look back at how they have grown!

Your workspace is so inspiring - what a beautiful set up you have and I love your bottles - great idea x

Suzanne Vaughan said...

Looking good! I need to re-tidy my craft room.

Apryl said...

its a lovely work space... and those bottles are gorgeous! especially the one with the wee bird... they need filling though a bit of sand or something.. they they would be useful little paperweights... I may be inspired to clear out my desk a bit... or I may just laze about and enjoy the silence of M and H being out of the house all day!

Unknown said...

I'm very jealous of your workspace. I love the bottle, very cool idea. :)

I hope your son is having fun in @ school too.

Rustic Gifts said...

It looks very pretty - the bottles and your workspace!

I am lusting after a log cabin... can't see that happening anytime soon tho!!

Alice in Wonderland said...

Hi Violet, Just thought that I'd drop by. I saw you on Rachels blog, and as there are not many English people that do much blogging, I thought that I'd introduce myself!
I love your bottles, and your work space is so tidy! Mine just seems to spread out all over my house!

Aileen Clarke Crafts said...

Love the bottles....and your blog : )

Giselle said...

Can I say talented much?

Vanessa said...

i love what you make! this is so unique!