Monday, 14 September 2009

toadstool terrarium

so i made these toadstools months and months ago
and they sat on the mantle gathering dust

then i found this great jar in the charity shop

i'd wanted to try needlefelting for awhile
so i popped to the craft shop & bought two colours
of wooly stuff and a basic needle and had a go!

i did manage to wound myself a couple of times
but i think for a first attempt i made good moss!
i broke the needle right at the end so i need a new one
because i think i may have found my new thing!

the end!


Jenny S said...

I thought it was real moss!! :)
A fabric terrarium is a fantastic idea! I don't trust myself with a real one, I'm terrible at keeping plants alive xo

Georgia Peachez said...

fabulous toadstools! xo, suzy

JuanitaTortilla said...

Well the moss looks good! I've never tried needle felting, and I have bags of wool that are still waiting for me to felt into something! (That's Procrastination for you. A 2 year long procrastination!!!)

Bigbluebed said...

That is the type of plants I can cope with. Lovely terranium.

Unknown said...


very cute..crafty vintage girl..
have a wonderful weeekned...
mona & the girls

Tina Peacock said...

I've just discovered needlefelting myself! It's wonderful! What a brilliant terrarium, so pretty!