Tuesday, 15 March 2011

it's official - i'm a mad doll lady!

the dolls in dolly corner are looking nervous eh?
or perhaps expectant . . . . .

Do you remember this perfect Patch doll
that i picked up in the charity shop back in October?
Well i sold her on Ebay
for a HUGE profit

anyway i've being looking at Blythe dolls for ages and AGES
now i own one of my very own!

i was expecting her to arrived nekkid
but she came with a selection of super cute dresses a stand and a hat
{thanks Katy}

she also came with a cheerleaders outfit
which my son {who was off school poorly} stole
and dressed up his boy Brat doll Dylan
:) :D :)

isn't she pretty?

here she is with Sindy and Pippa
yeah yeah i am a mad doll lady

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

time flew by . . . . . .

well i didn't mean to take a blogging break
but it appears i haven't posted for a month

hmmmm . . . . . .
i have been suffering with crafty paralysis
i've been making bits here and there
but nothing is gelling together
it's driving me quite a lot crazy

i've been trying to get my latest swap finished
i've had all the stuff made for awhile
once i'd decided what i was going to do
and that took a stupidly long time
but just can't get it how i want it
i think i have crafting OCD
i sure as hell don't have it in the housework department
only the very bare minimum day to day chores have been getting done

but the sun has been shining here now for days and days
it is still very cold and Jack Frost is still about
but the Guinea piggles have been mowing the lawn again
and washing has been drying on the line

i think it's really happening
i think Spring has sprung . . . . . .