Tuesday, 15 March 2011

it's official - i'm a mad doll lady!

the dolls in dolly corner are looking nervous eh?
or perhaps expectant . . . . .

Do you remember this perfect Patch doll
that i picked up in the charity shop back in October?
Well i sold her on Ebay
for a HUGE profit

anyway i've being looking at Blythe dolls for ages and AGES
now i own one of my very own!

i was expecting her to arrived nekkid
but she came with a selection of super cute dresses a stand and a hat
{thanks Katy}

she also came with a cheerleaders outfit
which my son {who was off school poorly} stole
and dressed up his boy Brat doll Dylan
:) :D :)

isn't she pretty?

here she is with Sindy and Pippa
yeah yeah i am a mad doll lady


JuanitaTortilla said...

Your new Blythe doll is sweet!!!
And I especially love the patchwork top she is wearing. I want one in human size!!! :D

Talia said...

I am totally jealous. I love Blythe! She is gorgeous and looks great among your doll collection though!

gtlady said...

How cute!! I also need that top she is wearing too, and her hair, and her big eyes...

Unknown said...

She's gorgeous and wow! Love her outfits and colour chaning eyes

bluebellbunny said...

I LOVE her! I want one so bad, but they are just too expensive for me, so if anyone has any tips on finding one a bit cheaper it'd make me VERY happy :D

Annie B said...

MAD! yes, you are mad! love it. and teh stolen cheerleading outfit. Yr son rocks!

Jamboree of Whitley Bay said...

Congrats, she is gorgeous! Those outfit are so cute :) Just getting into Blythe collecting to.

Laura Sparling said...

You got a Blythe! Hurrah!

MitziMakes said...

I like her blue hair :D

Josefina said...

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