Friday, 27 November 2009

suffolk puffs or yo-yo's

i've been meaning to try making these for AGES
and today was the day
i followed this lovely clear tutorial

here's my first attempt which i made into a hair clip
using a clip i got as part of a giveaway i won from
Gone to Earth

then i made this
i'd already made the lace and duck button part
but it needed something else so i made a puff with one
of the fat quarters i'd won in the same giveaway

then i added another vintage doily from my stash
and a brooch pin on the back

here's a brooch i'd made awhile ago
but i've finally added a brooch pin

i'll be adding these to my Folksy shop today


look what i found in the charity shop
oh so fragile vintage glass baubles
they were a complete steal at 50p

yes really 50p !
i'm so pleased with my thrifting skills right now!

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

crochet cameo brooches

i've been making these sweet vintage cameo brooches
with thrifted brooches and thrifted crochet doilies
and ribbons

but as is the way with using thrifted supplies
i only have one of these cameos!

which is a shame 'cause i'm trying to make things to go in my shops
but i really want to keep this one!

so next i made this one with an altered button,
i have stamped a bird on a distressed/aged metal button and then varnished it.

i actually LOVE this one too but it is going in my FOLKSY shop!

Thursday, 19 November 2009

80's fantasy movie swap - received

oooohhh look what the postman brought me!
after trying to excuse the state of myself
{wild-haired,un-washed and still in my pj's at lunchtime}
by giving the flu warning

i signed for my parcel and ran off to open it!

ooh heavy parcels what's inside?

a fancy papered box

containing a set of Labyrinth themed coasters

phwoar at David Bowies leggings!
and gasp at the amazing 80's BIG HAIR!
i shudder to think of the ammount of time i spent
back combing and spraying my hair in the eighties!

yummy sweeties and sweet fairies and irridescent glass buttons

and last of all a really clever photo of the Goblin King himself
it's made up of a mosiac of stills from the movie - cool eh?
thanks to Carmen
for cheering me up with a present during the misery of 'flu

and a big thanks also to Meridian Ariel for organising the swap!

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

bleurgh we've had 'flu . . . .

but i did make a couple of button bracelets

i really like them when they are on my wrist BUT
when they aren't on the buttons twist every which way
and it really bugs me!

i've tried making these bracelets on elastic cord
cotton cord & wire but i just cannot get them right

i think perhaps i'm just being too fussy but grrrr
i've tried two different fasterners too -
i think i prefer the bottom bracelets t-bar fastener
what do you think? any suggestions welcomed!

sorry about the fuzzy photo but the weather has been sooo awful
so i've been stuck indoors being poorly
reading Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer getting more and more annoyed with Bella
drinking honey'n'lemon, feeling sorry for myself and occasionally playing with buttons
My son is sooo desperate to go back to school - there's only so much T.v and Lego building and drawing you can do before you miss your friends eh?

i'm definately on the mend now and i think i'll try to get the boy back to school tomorrow,
I'm pretty sure we didn't have the piggy flu as it was only a few days we were really sorry for ourselves and we're just left with annoying coughs and sniffles.

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Rita Carol Buttons

i just got totally lost and absorbed in this ladies amazing button collection!
Rita makes amazing fabric buttons from photographic images

i love this cute "doll face" button

and how cool are these?
custom made buttons from your family photographs

i love them!

Rita also has a great blog here

and a flickr stream here
in which you can see her amazing button collection
and her freeform crochet and button bracelets

i think i need some of her gorgeous buttons!
shop here =

Monday, 2 November 2009

hALLoWeEn FuN & gAmEs

we had a fantastic hallow'een

my family painted but not costumed!

apparently were-wolves are blue!

i wish i could say i did this one!

savaging the neighbours - but it's ok as it's my grandad!

my daughter in her homemade tutu
from the cut out and keep tutorial

best friends

the vampire and the witch

Me, the were-wolf and the witch went trick or treating with my aunty, cousin and her kids and my friend and her kids who just happen to live opposite my Aunty - the men opted to stay home *YAWN* - the kids got so many sweeties and there were loads of people happily receiving visitors!
When the we got tired of trick or treating we went back to my Aunt and Uncles for a little party, the grown-ups sat around the fire in the garden toasting marshmallows and drinking tea with the kids bouncing about on a huge sugar rush!

It was the best Hallow'een EVER!!!