Monday, 2 November 2009

hALLoWeEn FuN & gAmEs

we had a fantastic hallow'een

my family painted but not costumed!

apparently were-wolves are blue!

i wish i could say i did this one!

savaging the neighbours - but it's ok as it's my grandad!

my daughter in her homemade tutu
from the cut out and keep tutorial

best friends

the vampire and the witch

Me, the were-wolf and the witch went trick or treating with my aunty, cousin and her kids and my friend and her kids who just happen to live opposite my Aunty - the men opted to stay home *YAWN* - the kids got so many sweeties and there were loads of people happily receiving visitors!
When the we got tired of trick or treating we went back to my Aunt and Uncles for a little party, the grown-ups sat around the fire in the garden toasting marshmallows and drinking tea with the kids bouncing about on a huge sugar rush!

It was the best Hallow'een EVER!!!


Toronto real estate said...

Hi. Wonderful pictures. It seems that it was big fun. I think it's great idea that instead of wearing a costume kids can have painted face. Especially the smallest must enjoy it a lot. My little niece was not satisfied with her costume this year but I'm sure that she would like face painting.

Take care,

Alexandra said...

Glad you had a great Halloween xx

cupotea said...

Fantastic looks like everyone had a great time - that pumpkin is brilliant