Tuesday, 24 November 2009

crochet cameo brooches

i've been making these sweet vintage cameo brooches
with thrifted brooches and thrifted crochet doilies
and ribbons

but as is the way with using thrifted supplies
i only have one of these cameos!

which is a shame 'cause i'm trying to make things to go in my shops
but i really want to keep this one!

so next i made this one with an altered button,
i have stamped a bird on a distressed/aged metal button and then varnished it.

i actually LOVE this one too but it is going in my FOLKSY shop!


Marie said...

love it, is there a pattern or did you just came up with the design yourself. I love vintage, and I love it. great job... :)

x vInTaGe VioLeT x said...

there's no pattern Miss Rowley as i used thrifted crochet doilies :0)
i don't crochet myself unfortunately.

Lynn said...

I love them,such a good way to use up little doilies and buttons.

Raquel said...

I Love them!. Specially the second one. :)

Tolé Tolé

Izabela said...

in the Summer I bought two of them cameo brooches on the car boot and I am still thinking how to combine them with my crochet... you did it perfectly...

Alexandra said...

They look great!! xx

Marie said...

These are lovely, a gorgeous idea! I adore vintage so these are right up my street!

Craft Matters said...

They are both fantastic. I love the idea of stamping the button and varnishing it.

Marchi Wierson said...

I really like that last one too. It's hard to let go of certain things!