Friday, 27 November 2009

suffolk puffs or yo-yo's

i've been meaning to try making these for AGES
and today was the day
i followed this lovely clear tutorial

here's my first attempt which i made into a hair clip
using a clip i got as part of a giveaway i won from
Gone to Earth

then i made this
i'd already made the lace and duck button part
but it needed something else so i made a puff with one
of the fat quarters i'd won in the same giveaway

then i added another vintage doily from my stash
and a brooch pin on the back

here's a brooch i'd made awhile ago
but i've finally added a brooch pin

i'll be adding these to my Folksy shop today


look what i found in the charity shop
oh so fragile vintage glass baubles
they were a complete steal at 50p

yes really 50p !
i'm so pleased with my thrifting skills right now!


Craft Matters said...

I've already told you I like the puffs! But OMG at the baubles - I am so envious I can't tell you - GRRRRRR!

JuanitaTortilla said...

AMAZING thrifting skills!

Hmm, you must be stalking each and every charity shop regularly. (Just kidding.)

Great hair pin ideas. I have been meaning to get to make hair pins for ages, and ages!!! (Have the pins, but no motivation.) I hope my day will come soon!

Jo said...

Lovely baubles!
Calling them vintage makes me feel rather old though as I'm sure my parents have still got some just like that!

Alexandra said...

love the hair pins xx

Unknown said...

Oh love the brooches, and the christmas baubles! Kx

Chloe said...

Ohh they're so pretty (^_^) i have to try that! And those baubles... Good Hunting! Earlier this week i picked up a 60's vintage ottoman for just £6!!

Raquel said...

Are so beatutiful!! Thanks for the tutorial.

Un beso,
Tolé Tolé