Thursday, 19 November 2009

80's fantasy movie swap - received

oooohhh look what the postman brought me!
after trying to excuse the state of myself
{wild-haired,un-washed and still in my pj's at lunchtime}
by giving the flu warning

i signed for my parcel and ran off to open it!

ooh heavy parcels what's inside?

a fancy papered box

containing a set of Labyrinth themed coasters

phwoar at David Bowies leggings!
and gasp at the amazing 80's BIG HAIR!
i shudder to think of the ammount of time i spent
back combing and spraying my hair in the eighties!

yummy sweeties and sweet fairies and irridescent glass buttons

and last of all a really clever photo of the Goblin King himself
it's made up of a mosiac of stills from the movie - cool eh?
thanks to Carmen
for cheering me up with a present during the misery of 'flu

and a big thanks also to Meridian Ariel for organising the swap!


Anonymous said...

Oh my...I have no words for this amazingness!

Anonymous said...

This is truly genius. They put so much time and effort into this it really is brilliant. You lucky thing.

And I love The Labyrinth - what a movie!

JuanitaTortilla said...

Great stuff! Those fairies look really delicate. Are they?

Now you MUST show us evidence of those back-combs. Come on... you know you want to.

Carmen Wing said...

I'm so pleased you like it Megan, just sorry you had to wait so long :D

The swap was brilliant wasn't it, thanks for being a fabulous partner.

Anonymous said...

Wow, fantastic goodies!

RR said...

i love those swap goodies!i should have gone in for it!,although i have a self imposed swap ban at the fun for me then!



Apryl said...

OMG that is AMAZING!!!! fantastic... and a good way to brighten your day after you all being so ill.

it was a really fun swap... I'm thinking we should do an Alice in Wonderland Swap in January.. with all our new X-mas craft items... and witht he Tim Burton Flick coming out in.. is it Feburary? a swap would be purrrrrfect...

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

Yesterday must have been pajama day for artists because I answered the door in much the same way when he delivered my quilt to my front door. Oh well the mailman will have something to laugh about when he gets home to his family...I was wearing pink snowflake pj's! You exchange looks like manna from heaven. Oh did we really wear our hair that high back then...mine is so thin on top it never really lasted. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Anonymous said...

Oh.....I am so jealous!! I heart the Labyrinth sooo much!!