Tuesday, 17 November 2009

bleurgh we've had 'flu . . . .

but i did make a couple of button bracelets

i really like them when they are on my wrist BUT
when they aren't on the buttons twist every which way
and it really bugs me!

i've tried making these bracelets on elastic cord
cotton cord & wire but i just cannot get them right

i think perhaps i'm just being too fussy but grrrr
i've tried two different fasterners too -
i think i prefer the bottom bracelets t-bar fastener
what do you think? any suggestions welcomed!

sorry about the fuzzy photo but the weather has been sooo awful
so i've been stuck indoors being poorly
reading Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer getting more and more annoyed with Bella
drinking honey'n'lemon, feeling sorry for myself and occasionally playing with buttons
My son is sooo desperate to go back to school - there's only so much T.v and Lego building and drawing you can do before you miss your friends eh?

i'm definately on the mend now and i think i'll try to get the boy back to school tomorrow,
I'm pretty sure we didn't have the piggy flu as it was only a few days we were really sorry for ourselves and we're just left with annoying coughs and sniffles.


Izabela said...

they are lovely! I would like to make one of them...

gtlady said...

I really love them, and they do look great on your wrist, and that last toggle(?) fastening was nice too! Don't know how you managed to create such wonderful braclelets while being ill though!

RR said...

those bracelets are gorgeous!

i read te twilight saga last year,i cant see the films or very sadly i get obssessed!lol


Carmen Wing said...

These bracelets are beautiful. I know what you mean though - when I make button fairies the same thing happens. I cover them in Glossy Accents now which stiffens them up nicely. Not much help to you though I'm afraid, what with needing yours flexible. How about attaching a length of ribbon or elastic to the backs of them so they stay facing the same way? It looks adorable on your wrist :)

Carmen Wing said...

p.s Bella just makes me want to slap her too. Am halfway through Breaking Dawn at the mo.

Marchi Wierson said...

Maybe you can try a little clear acetate and make a loop to put inside them which is sort of invisible when you are showing them. The problem isnt how you make them or how they fit, it is how they sit by themselves and that is not an issue of making them. I am sure you have made 5 beautiful versions! They look fantastic to me!!!