Thursday, 21 January 2010

lovely post today!

look LOOK what the postman brought me today!

my lovely friend Lisa knitted these for me

it was her first attempt at cable
isn't she clever?

i LOVE them!
i look like some old victorian granny
in a shawl and miser's mittens!!!
{but i am very happy!}

my christmas wreath won the crafteroo advent calendar competition
and here's what i won

a book about stupid sock creatures!

it's great!

a scrapbooking calendar

and a Hotdog and me
sock creature set

it did come beautifully presented in this bag
this photo was after it was rescued
from the dogs jaws

she is getting really naughty in her old age :0(

no real harm done though :0)

plus some new listings in my Folksy shop
just in time for Valentine's

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Puff collar #2 - a work in progress

i love my purple collar but i really wanted
to make something bigger

so i bought a plain man's t-shirt to cut up and experiment with,
i bought a size M because they were out of XXL
i've managed to get twenty-four
various sized puffs out of it!

here is the start of the collar pinned together

and here i am trying it out for size

this time i wanted to extend it to the shoulders and chest, so while i was still wearing it, i continued pinning on more puffs till i was happy with the shape

i still have a few puffs to add and a bit of fine tuning
to do before i start stitching it all together,
as this is all hand-sewn it is pretty time consuming and i'm having a break from it today!

i'm really happy with how this collar
has taken shape -
it's kinda hard to know where to stop so it's good i've run out of fabric!

Friday, 15 January 2010

Suffolk puff scarf/collar

i started on this scarf before christmas
whilst in the height of my Suffolk Puff addiction!

i found a scarf in the charity shop
and really liked the colour

i made a whole bunch of puffs in various sizes
from 6" down to 1.5"

then i arranged them into a scarf and pinned them together

then i tried it on and decided i needed more puffs
but had run out of fabric

so the scarf went on the back burner

until i picked it up again the other day whilst
i was having a tidy up in my craftroom
i slightly rearranged the puffs and
suddenly i loved it!!!

the two largest puffs at the back

smaller ones filling the gaps

here it is all sewn up with a hook and eye fastening

trying to get a decent shot of myself
wearing the scarf was not easy!

getting distracted by my wall hanging storage!

i got the idea for the hanging storage from Craftzine, it is an old cot base - waste not want not!

this is the true colour{above}

best thing about it is it is SUPER warm!
and cost me about a pound to make!

Sunday, 10 January 2010

snow stops crafting!

snow stops crafting!


{yes he is wearing a monkey scarf!}

cold enough for even me to wear a hat
{stolen from daughter!

being attacked by the super mean close range snowball fiend

yeah yeah very funny son!!!

the last two pictures were taken today after it had snowed for about 4 hours - we were very disappointed with the lack of snow we've had and getting very bored with the scary ice.
My son's school hasn't shut for one single day and apparently never does {i did keep him home to play in the snow on wednesday though because it's so very rare for us to get proper snow here}
on the other hand my daughter got sent home on Tuesday and it's still closed tomorrow!{she is very happy as are her friends, they've all been having great fun playing and sledging in the snow}

in crafting news

my wreath won the crafter...oo advent calendar competition
which i'm very happy about :0) thanks to anyone who voted for me
if you're not a member of Crafter...oo why not?!
go on join up it's fun

my wreath is also on the front page of Crafster as a featured project
which makes me super proud - last time i checked it had over 2500 views

I hope i don't seem boasty here but i'm really proud
and a bit shocked at how well received it has been.