Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Puff collar #2 - a work in progress

i love my purple collar but i really wanted
to make something bigger

so i bought a plain man's t-shirt to cut up and experiment with,
i bought a size M because they were out of XXL
i've managed to get twenty-four
various sized puffs out of it!

here is the start of the collar pinned together

and here i am trying it out for size

this time i wanted to extend it to the shoulders and chest, so while i was still wearing it, i continued pinning on more puffs till i was happy with the shape

i still have a few puffs to add and a bit of fine tuning
to do before i start stitching it all together,
as this is all hand-sewn it is pretty time consuming and i'm having a break from it today!

i'm really happy with how this collar
has taken shape -
it's kinda hard to know where to stop so it's good i've run out of fabric!


Unknown said...

Ooooh! Lovely! Love the bigger size of this one

Bigbluebed said...


Jessica Rodarte said...

oooh... i like that. i really like the purple one too.