Thursday, 21 January 2010

lovely post today!

look LOOK what the postman brought me today!

my lovely friend Lisa knitted these for me

it was her first attempt at cable
isn't she clever?

i LOVE them!
i look like some old victorian granny
in a shawl and miser's mittens!!!
{but i am very happy!}

my christmas wreath won the crafteroo advent calendar competition
and here's what i won

a book about stupid sock creatures!

it's great!

a scrapbooking calendar

and a Hotdog and me
sock creature set

it did come beautifully presented in this bag
this photo was after it was rescued
from the dogs jaws

she is getting really naughty in her old age :0(

no real harm done though :0)

plus some new listings in my Folksy shop
just in time for Valentine's


Gemma said...

Those mitts are gorgeous! Love the cable and colour. Talented friend you've got there!
And what lovely prizes for a well deserved win! have lots of fun with them

gtlady said...

That book looks fab, but more importantly, what sort of valentines day do you have in your house, hearts AND bullets?!

x vInTaGe VioLeT x said...

he he gtlady!

"your love hit me like a bullet to the heart" now if that's not a song lyric it surely should be!!!

AnnieB said...

oooooh, a post full of beautiful goodies through the post - lucky LUCKY you. LOVE thse mittens!