Monday, 1 February 2010

lickety split

i did a little bit of sewing today,
years and years ago i used to do
counted cross-stitch,

i was quite addicted to it for awhile
so had a lot of aida fabric left over

and today i had an uncontrollable urge
to stitch this phrase!

i like it BUT i find the fabric very restrictive
if you see what i mean?

i think need to be more free flowing with my embroidery.

i've been continuing on my mission
to card up and list my button mountain

these blue buckles are from the buckle porn post
from months ago -
that's how long it takes me
to get my act together!


i got my puff collar#2 all sewn up, i'm really pleased with it but unfortunately it takes way to long to produce to be viable for me to make and sell :0(
i've bought some more fabric to make another as my daughter wants one, so i'm going to time myself very strictly to see how long it actually takes.
no photo's yet i'm afraid as i've been busy
and today it was too sunny to take photo's
when i had the time!


Juanita Tortilla said...

Clearly you have been busy. And I was about to ask you how you made those hearts and alphabets so roundish (when those cross-stitch squares are so... square)...


Love the buckles, I'm the same half finished projects all over the place! Kx

Giggly said...

Loooove those buttons! The embroidery is pretty fabulous too. :)

Mahshed said...
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