Sunday, 14 February 2010

"ice my biscuit"

ice my biscuit

trinket box

dirty biscuit designs

So i was designing some cross stitch

for another project which included some biscuits
and i innocently said
"i'm not sure if i should ice my biscuit"

oh my that sounds filthy i thought . . . .
so i stitched it and remembered
i had this trinket box to recycle . . . .
happy valentines!


Pretty-In-Ink said...

You are so funny!! your trinket box is fab!

Kitty Ballistic said...

I saw this picture on Flickr earlier and chuckled to myself. "Ice my biscuit" is a fantastic phrase. :-D

Pretty-In-Ink said...

Hi, my corner rounder is by creative memories, I've had it for an age so I can't remember where I got it. I had a year off from crafting and am just getting back into it, so I've been busy noseying around other peoples blogs for inspiration. I just love yours, I'm so glad I found it!

SpoiltPig Jewellery said...

heeheehee it does indeed sound a bit filthy - thumbs up! :D

polkadotsandblooms said...

Love it and made me smile :-)

polkadotsandblooms said...

Love it, really made me smile :-)

RB said...

That's very sweet!

Sarah said...

So funny and so very cutsie!! Just found your blog, lovely! Am off to have a gander and a peek at your shop...

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