Tuesday, 4 August 2009

not a lot of crafting!

but we went to a lovely wedding

father and son all suited up!

the ever present sonic screwdriver!

beautiful bride in her beautiful dress

"Tawstoch Church"
the wedding was in a really beautiful setting
and the reception was within walking distance
just up the hill with spectacular views

lego eleventh Doctor Who!
i hid a few things in my bag as boredom breakers
sweets for the church and lego for the speeches!

"Codden Hill"
my son found a new little friend to roll about on the grass with
i dread to think how many grass stains that dress ended up with!

he enjoyed a good old boogie on the dance floor!

being in charge of the camera meant no photo's of me
well there is one my son took on my flickr
but it is highly unflattering!
So here is one i took of us while getting the boy ready for bed
at midnight!
He was so well behaved and reallly would've been happy stay till the early hours!


oh i do like to live beside the seaside!

the poor dog didn't get a walk on the day of the wedding
so we made it up to her with a walk on the beach
the next day

good way to excerise boys too!

there was a regatta on and they had had a sandcastle competition
so we enjoyed checking out the funky castles/sculptures!

scary octopus!


hopefully i'll get some crafting done this week!


JuanitaTortilla said...

*gasp* You live by the seaside?! I'm jealous (wait, should I be? haha).

Great pictures. Your boy is simply adorable in that suit. Maybe good behaviour comes with the suit. :D

Bigbluebed said...

What a grogeus wedding. It all looks so beautiful and what a lovely setting.
I live near the beach but I love yours better.

Izabela said...

what a beautiful wedding, and I suppose good fun you all had!

Laurie said...

Thanks for all the photos! I especially loved the sand sculptures!

Apryl said...

I want to go to the sea side... *pout* pretty piccies though.. and I don't think H could ever stay up till that late without going into incredible grouch mode!

incy said...

so wish we lived by the seaside :(
... lovely pics vV.

You should enter the sandcastle competition next year! ... how's about a weeping angel? or maybe a Lego man for starters :D

Miaou said...

Lovely photos! I live by the sea too and it's just fabulous isn't it - I never grow tired of it!