Sunday, 29 March 2009

"time for tea swap"

here is what i sent to my swap partner Kat

a tiny pincuchion - recycled from a dolls teacup
decoupaged with old dress pattern paper
and a phrase cut from a Shakespeare play!


one of my beloved PG Tips monkeys
altered into a "princess"
complete with tea-ara

{ssshh that's Dp's joke but i'm passing it off as my own!}

mad hatter's tea party brooch

close up of the little pin cushion
i did secure it a bit better before i sent it
but forgot to take more photos

also if Kat is in the mood for vodoo she could use
the whole monkey as a pin cushion!

and lastly here is the card i made to go with the package


this was a very recycled kind of swap project
i bought nothing new to make my items with
and happily used my stash of thrifted and vintage trims & books
even the tea cup and tiny spoon were toys my daughter has outgrown


there is a flickr group with all the other participents swap goods too
for some bizarre reason i can't seem to add links on my blog anymore???
if you go into my flickr you will find the group though!


a big thank-you to Blottedcopybook for organising this swap xxx


Unknown said...

Love the princess monkey !

Annie B said...

I LOVE the tiny teacup and the brooch - you've outdone yourself - wonderful!

JuanitaTortilla said...

Someone should start a "recycled kind of swap"!!! I'd happily join.

How CUTE is that teacup?!?!?! Make more for your shop!!!

urban craft said...

looks like a cute swap, love everything especially the mad hatter!

Mr Lee said...

Great idea.It is so cute!Good luck.welcome to our blog

Vonnie said...

Oh my GOD! I am so jealous of Kat, that's gorgeous stuff :)

Anonymous said...
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