Saturday, 21 March 2009

***hApPy m0TheR's DaY***

hope all you mothers have a lovely day tomorrow!!!
i'm praying for Thornton's chocolate truffles & handmade mother's day cards

here is the card i made for my Mum
i cut an illustration out of a thrifted copy of
"Alice in Wonderland"
then watercolour tinted selected parts
glued it onto some mountboard and then decoupaged
a layer of vintage dressmaking pattern paper on top

wrapping around the edges as i went
next i cut out happy mother's day from old books and lightly inked them
then added them to the decoupaged piece and 3D glazed them.

once it was all dry i used a pattern marker to make the holes for my stitches
then went over them all with a needle and sewed a border.

then i cut a card blank and attached the piece with large foam pads.

it makes me happy to spend a few hours making my lovely Mum a card for Mother's day.


now is it mothers day or mother's day or mothers' day???
no doubt my Mum will have the answer!


hens teeth said...

I love it!

Jessica Rodarte said...

BeaUtiful card.

Hannah said...

So beautiful, I'm sure yo mother loved it :)