Thursday, 12 March 2009

*****color swap*****

i joined up for Jessica's {kid's napping,i'm scrappin'} color swap
my swap parcel arrived today!
my partner in the swap was the lovely Juanita Tortilla
she sent it out soooo fast
{i hang my head in shame as mine is neither sent *blush* nor finished}
i've got to send it out on friday - eekk!
i seem to have lost my mojo this week but today i cracked on and got crafting,
spurred on by the arrival of this lovely parcel

look at all my lovely red & turquoise coloured things!

a pretty beaded dingly-dangly

a very cute and bang on trend vintage bow embellished beaded necklace
resting on a crocheted basket

a super "sproingy" crochet cupcake with seed bead sprinkles

Mmmm . . . . . . . swiss chocolate and gummy pigs!
even the candy is colour co-ordinated and had little notes and ribbons attached!

buttons - yeah!

thank-you so much Juanita - you are a great swap partner!

{i've been eating gummy piggies all evening - somebody stop me i feel sick!!
but to be fair i can't start the chocolate till i've eaten up all the piggies!!!
oink - oink - oink}



bex said...

great swaps... i taking part in a spring time very excited about it!

Nicola said...


JuanitaTortilla said...

W_O_W... Your pictures made everything look so much better than I remember them!

Phew, I am relieved it got to you well!!! :)

Looking forward to yours! No hurry though (even though I know there's a dateline looming...)

Hannah said...

What a great swap, hmmm really must make a start on the tea time one *slaps wrist* :)

Jessica Rodarte said...

Lucky! :) I love the package Juanita put together for you! The cupcake. The dingly-dangly. The gummy pigs. I've never had gummy pigs. I want some. :D
Gosh, I'm the hostess, and I'm late! Embarrassing!