Saturday, 28 March 2009

time for tea swap

i got my package from Kat today
and what i fantastic package it was too
jam packed with lovely stuff

my son kindly modelling my fancy new apron
please ignore the chocolate smears on his face
he insisted on helping me test the jaffa-cakes!

a tea-bag wallet

and a really cute wrist purse

i really loved everthing Kat sent me
& even though i am a PG Tips girl at heart
i've already had a cup of fruity tea 'cause it smelt SOOOOO yummy in the wallet!

and i can confirm it was indeed yummy!


here's a little teaser of what i sent Kat
she's not received her parcel yet
as soon as she has i will post photo's!


Hannah said...

Love the tea bag wallet, great swap!

Glamglass said...

OOOO What a lovely lot!! Your son looks happy to be modelling in exchange for buscuits!!!

Apryl said...

love the tea bag wallet, and the little wrist pouch! and such a very handsome and emo model you have there!

Suzanne Vaughan said...

Lovely. Especially love the apron - fab fabric!

Annie B said...

gorgeous! I would love a teabag wallet - keep thinking I need to figure out how to make one