Thursday, 26 January 2012

lot's of matryoshka pincushions

i think these are going to be my big seller in
this was the first pincushion i made this year
because i have shops on Etsy and on Folksy
i often list the same item in both shops
this time it backfired and i sold the item twice!
So i had to make this one to order
and fast as it was to be a birthday gift :)
whilst i had all the gear out i decided
to make a few new dolly pincushions
i have such a collection of russian dolls
that it's hard to choose who gets an upgrade!
i tried out some different doll styles this time
i love this happy polka dot lady :)
and here's a little one
great for sewing on the go
i have one like this but even smaller
great for a holiday project

available in my Etsy shop
this is my favourite of the new dollies
very vibrant colours - i'm guessing she is from the 60's or 70's
loving the orange!
i made her pincushion with a vintage orange floral pillowcase fabric
very funky!
"we all carry scars from our pasts"
i love the little scars the vintage dolls have
i think it adds to their charm
I was lucky enough to get the last photo featured
in the Craftzine blog
and she sold already
and is on her way to her new home
in europe :)


Unknown said...

They most definitely will be a huge seller as they are fantastic! Love them x

Very Berry Handmade said...

They are absolutely fab vV - love them. I had the selling 2 things almost simultaneously on Etsy and Folksy happen too. Rather embarrassing but good at the same time!