Tuesday, 28 February 2012

gratuitous button shots!

look at these beauties
i'm guessing they are victorian
or maybe edwardian
these may be more modern
but they are very fancy
these are gorgeous
three different sizes of mirror backed filligree fancies
but these are definately my favourites
the "money shot"!!!!!
unfortunately these puppies were not
so well recieved
insufficient bubble wrap
led to inevitable breakages
i did get a refund
but i felt so sad that these beautiful glass buttons
that had lasted for about 80 yrs
got broken on the short trip
across the U.K.
so if you buy buttons from me and wonder why
i use so much packaging
this is why!!!


Apryl said...

Beautiful buttons. Such a shame about the breakages though. :o(

Donna Lynne said...

look familiar??

loved this button and worked it into a choker for a friend of my

Donna Lynne said...

I should have also said where I found it... rummaging in my mom's button box las time I was home. The box had been replenished by her friend Rosey's buttons who had worked in the garment district in philadelphia in the 50s and 60s


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